Pen Modification – Convert into eyedropper fill

The Kaweco Sport fountain pen is brilliantly designed and reasonably priced. When it’s capped, it is compact enough to fit in any purse or pocket, and when it’s posted, it is the perfect size for writing. However, one downfall of the pen is that it can only be used with short standard cartridges, wasting the space of about 1/3 of the barrel. Also, it cannot be used with a converter so writers cannot use their favorite bottled inks with it. (UPDATE: The Monteverde Mini Converter will fit inside the Kaweco Sport fountain pen.) To resolve these issues I converted the Kaweco Sport fountain pen into an eyedropper fill system, where the barrel is used as the ink reservoir.  To prevent ink leakage I used 100% silicone grease (petroleum free) to seal the threads. Hopefully, this explanation will help other writers maximize their Kaweco’s potential.


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Great Gift Ideas

At the end of the first sunny day of this Spring I got a plane and left for New York. I arrived to a city on a dreary, rainy day and thought, "It’s just like home!" However, I soon learned that was not true at all. My friend and I would’ve been completely lost in among the skyscrapers, subways stations, and high-heels had it not been for the friends we met in Manhattan. One girl actually took two weekends out of her life just to show us around! I found out that she likes pens and paper as much as I do, so I thought that to say thank you I would put together a little something from Writer’s Bloc for her. I wanted to share what I put together, hopefully it will give you some ideas for the next gift you buy.

I wanted the gift to be imaginative and fun, but also something that she would find some use for (not a lot of room for extra clutter in NYC apartments!) To help her keep all her papers in a safe place I got her a Magic Soup Portfolio in Rainbow, but since there was no paper in it yet I used it to hold all the other presents. The main   present was the Clairefontaine GraficFlow notebook, very artsy and chic. To compliment an introduction to this amazing paper I had to introduce her to fountain pens, and of course I got her my favorite Pink Platinum Preppy pen. I also included a colorful One Fine Day memo pad and a set of cute erasers- always useful and small enough to carry in her purse as she races through the city everyday. She also introduced us to a lot of her friends who treated us to dinner many times, so as a small thank you to them I sent her a couple boxes of Love Pet Pens and asked her to hand them out to all our new friends.

It took a while but I was very happy with what I ended up putting together. Honestly, I loved everything in it, and anything I don’t already own I will have  soon enough. She called a few days later to say thanks and that she loved everything! Success! .

Do you have a favorite pen, notebook, or other item that you love giving as a gift? We’re going to have a lot graduates this June, some heading off to college and others jumping into the "real world" of work, any ideas on what to get them? I would love to hear your gift ideas!

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