Gift Ideas for Friends Who Love Nostalgia

Do you have any friends that love antiques or collectables? If so, Writer’s Bloc has a good selection of gifts that will evoke pleasant memories of days gone by. 

Some of my favorite childhood memories are the many colorful illustrated storybooks that I used to read over and over again. Art Deco 7321 has cleverly incorporated illustrations from classic storybooks into their planners and notebooks. One of my favorites is this Alice’s Undated Planner that looks like a well-worn copy of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. This planner even includes an ink pad and alphabet stamps to spice up the contents of your journal.


Whimsical illustrations from Antoine de Saint Exupery’s novella Le Petit Prince decorate the pages of Art Deco 7321′s Le Petit Prince Small Notebook No. 1 as well as this adorable Le Petit Prince pen & pencil case.


The Ship Credit Card Wallet from Lamb-Lamb has a Victorian era feel to it with lace, roses, forget-me-nots and sailing ship cover design. The small size of this wallet makes it a convenient way to carry your credit cards, ID, membership cards, business cards and more.

Ship Credit Card Wallet

The Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen has been produced with the same basic design for over 50 years. Perhaps your grandparents even used this pen! "Sport" pens have a screw on cap that makes them ideal for carrying in a pocket, but they post at a good length for writing. What a great way to complement the gift of a planner or journal with a nostalgic design.

Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen
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Platinum Preppy Highlighter Pen


I am so happy to finally find the Preppy Highlighter from Platinum Pens!

Liquid ink highlighters have always been my favorite, but I use them up quickly and was tossing multitudes of plastic pens into the trash. I could picture the creation of a small landfill with my name on it, mounded up with dried up highlighter pens… but not any more! Preppy highlighters are refillable with ink cartridges that come with fresh replacement nibs when mine starts to wear out. I can also use a converter to easily refill the pen with whatever ink I choose.

The cartridge that comes with the Preppy Highlighter lasted me about one month, or roughly 275 lines of highlighting text printed on 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper. I chose to refill my pen with Noodler’s Firefly Highlighting Ink. After using 3 cartridges full of ink, the tip of the pen had become softer than I prefer so it was time to replace it with a Platinum Preppy Highlighter Replacement Tip.

The ink I have my eye on next is Noodler’s Ink Year of the Golden Pig. This highlighting ink will not fade and comes with a free eyedropper fill Preppy Highlighter Pen to save money and help the environment.

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Book Wrapping Party

How can you tell a book is well-loved? The pages are worn in, the corners are a little bent, and the covers start to fade a little. I have many of such books, so my friends and I decided that to keep our precious books in "loved" form (and not totally tattered) we would give them a little makeover.

So one sunny afternoon we gathered our books and materials and went to a friend’s home for a book wrapping party. We used gorgeous rice paper and contact paper to make our book covers, so they were attractive and durable. My sister got fancy and layered two different kinds of paper on one cover (top right and middle left), and another friend used her scraps to make pretty bookmarks. Honestly, I am not the craftiest of people so it was a bit of a challenge for me, but in the end I had four beautiful protected books (middle right).

From Book cover party

To celebrate each newly covered book we sat among our scraps and nibbled on beignets and sipped on coffee. We were all quite famished, so we feasted on a delicious fondue platter.

Just an idea for a productive, fun, and delicious party =)

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