Left-Handed Fountain Pen Use – Part 3

Left-Handed Pelikan Pelikano

My continuing experimentation with fountain pens has recently included the Kaweco Sport Classic Fountain Pen with a medium nib and Noodler’s Ink, as well as the Pelikan Pelikano Left-Handed Fountain Pen with a medium nib and J. Herbin Ink. I found that both of these pens worked equally well for a Lefty and their qualities were very similar.

The first thing I wondered about was whether or not I would notice a difference using the specially designed nib on the left-handed Pelikano. This nib has a more rounded shape than a regular nib to accomodate the angle of left-handed writing. As an “overwriter” I, personally, only noticed a small difference in performance using this nib. It performed well, as did the Kaweco Sport, and both wrote in a medium line of similar width.

I appreciated the compact size of the Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen. With its cap safely screwed on it is only 4″ long and is great for carrying in a purse or pocket. I wasn’t worried that the cap would come off and stain the leather on my Fossil bag with ink!


I did find that I preferred the grip of the Left-Handed Pelikano to the grip of the Kaweco. The grip on the Pelikano is rotated slightly for the left hand, and it worked well with my very strange pen grip. You Lefties out there know what I mean…. One strike against the Pelikano is that the first Pelikano Fountain Pen that I bought was defective and I had to exchange it. The second pen did work much better, and there were no problems with the Kaweco.

The Noodler’s Ink seemed to have a more generous flow than the J. Herbin Ink, but it could be because it was a custom ink mix that included Noodler’s Firefly. When added to other Noodler’s colors, this ink seems to produce a wetter flow. So if you tend to smear your ink while writing, perhaps it would be best to stay away from Noodler’s Firefly and use the J. Herbin instead.

I was satisfied with both the Kaweco Sport and the Left-Handed Pelikano, and felt that these were both practical and well functioning fountain pens for everyday use by a Lefty. However, I am in love with my LAMY Safari and it still tops of my list of favorite pens.

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Behance Action Runner

Behance Action Runner

This week I ran around with the Behance Action Runner in my purse. I used it to jot down ideas for art in the classroom, make a list of things I needed to do before I left for the beach, and then to organize my day of school. If the dot-grid in the back was fun and helpful for me, think of how useful this would be for somebody who is design oriented!

The lines are a good size because I can write one BIG thing to remember to do, or I can write smaller and jot down full ideas. I wrote small for the art project ideas and I sketched examples on the dot-grid in the back. It was better than blank paper because I could easily plan paper size and orientation.

The Behance Action Runner is like the PDA of the pen and paper world. It kept my goals clearly in mind and helped me to continue to accomplish them. Take a look at my action steps for one busy day in the picture below. I would highly recommend reading more about how the Action Method used in Behance Action Notebooks can simplify your project management and life!

My Action Runner
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Family Fluxx by Looney Labs

Family Fluxx

If you are like me, you don’t have much patience for reading through pages of rules to learn how to play a game, instead you prefer to jump right into it and learn the ropes as you go. So when I first opened the box of Family Fluxx and found that this game only has one rule I was intrigued: draw 1 card and then play 1 card. I think I can handle that, but is it any fun??

The first time I played, the game lasted only about 3 minutes, with my opponent drawing the one card from my hand that would make me win the game. I wondered why the box said that the game lasts from 2-30 minutes, so I guess I got my answer. The second time I played, the game went on for about 1/2 hour. This time frame, plus the compact size of the game itself and the fact that as few as 2 players can play, makes this a very fun way to spend a lunch break!

The only thing that remains the same about Fluxx is that it is always changing! New Rule Cards are constantly played that can void the old rules and in an instant turn the game in your favor or maybe even your opponent’s favor. Action Cards affect what happens on one player’s turn, and Keeper Cards can help you win. The goal of the game changes each time a new Goal Card is played and there are 17 different ways to win. I found this game to be a great diversion and an upbeat way to spend a modest amount of time.

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