Pelikano Pen Cartridge Tips

Occasionally we hear from some of you that short universal ink cartridges come loose inside your Pelikano rollerball or Pelikano fountain pens. There is an easy solution, and it is to place 2 universal cartridges in the pen barrel instead of just one. The trick is that the extra cartridge that is not attached to the feed or main part of the pen needs to be placed in the barrel "upside down", or in other words with the narrow end pointing away from the nib. This extra cartridge prevents the cartridge that is attached to the pen from coming off. You can rinse the ink out of a used universal cartridge and use this for the extra cartridge, or you can use a new full ink cartridge and this way you’ll have spare ink in case you need it.

Another solution is to use Pelikan 4001 Giant Ink Cartridges or Pelikan GRP/5 Roller Pen Ink Cartridges since their much longer size helps to keep them in place.

This trick can also be used with J. Herbin’s refillable rollerball pens. Hope this helps!

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Drawing with Noodler’s Nightshade Fountain Pen Ink

I’ve been wanting to try drawing with a very dark brown fountain pen ink and decided to choose Noodler’s Ink Nightshade as my first experiment. In the barrel of my eyedropper fill Preppy Fountain Pen this ink actually looks like a very dark purple, but on the white paper in my Clairefontaine Drawing Pad it looks more like a brown-black. I found that I had to slow down my sketching a bit with the fine nib of the Preppy Pen and the flow rate of the Nightshade, but overall I am quite satisfied with the results. What do you think? What are your favorite fountain pen inks to use for sketching?

From Drawing with Fountain Pen Ink
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Kelly’s Wish List

Though I am surrounded by hundreds of pens, pencils, and notebooks everyday I cannot possibly (okay, practically) own all of the products that I would like. Here is my wish list of things I would love to call my own. What’s on your wish list?

Purple LAMY Al-Star Pen

It was a rare case of love at first sight when I saw the new Purple LAMY Al-Star Pen. That might sound a little extreme, but this shade of deep wine purple is my absolute favorite color and I have been wanting to get a new fountain pen to plan lessons and grade papers when I start student teaching next year.

Pentel Slicci- Set of 8

The Pentel Slicci has quickly become my favorite everyday pen. It’s especially good for jotting down notes in the margins of books and articles since it has such a fine tip. I would love to have this colorful set to start my quest of owning all the colors!

Robert Le Heros Journal

I have always admired the size and feel of the Robert Le Heros journals, and the cover design is so pretty! I am coming to the end of my current Clairefontaine journal, maybe this one will be next!


The best part of this game is that in the heat of serious bean negotiations true personalities come out, and they are often surprising and hilarious. Since so many of my friends own this game I haven’t picked it up for myself, but when I move away I will definitely have to buy it and take it with me.

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Gift Ideas for People Who LOVE Pink

2 Rouge Love

I’m not a super girlie girl, but I absolutely adore pink. This entry is to help you find some gifts for the pink-lovers in your life, I know that I would love to receive any one (or all!) of these. And really most of these recommendations come in a variety of colors, so as long as the receiver likes bright colors you’ll probably find a good idea here. Enjoy!

The top picture is of a poly-pro notebook by 2, Rouge. I use this notebook to take notes. The great cover and big spiral binding make it cute and functional– I don’t have to fuss with the notebook to get it to lay flat. I love it because the pages are lined on one side and blank on the other so I can customize how my notes are organized, and it is ultra durable so I can easily write in my lap if needed.

Another new FAVORITE find is the Slicci pen by Pentel. This super-slim gel pen writes smoothly and fits in the hand perfectly. The .25 tip is just fine enough for me, it makes my handwriting look great (even when I’m scrawling in my journal) and I’m never worried about breaking it. I’ve already given this pen to three of my friends and they all love it. The best part is that there are FOUR different shades of pink! My new goal is to collect all the colors.

When my pink Preppy Pen ran out of ink I refilled it with Noodler’s fountain pen ink in Ottoman Rose (as the base color, we played around with it a little bit) and I LOVE the color. It looks like there is just a little bit of blue in this shade, and this gives it a gorgeous deep pink color.

And finally it’s a new year, and to me that means its time to start a new journal. The Exacompta Club Leatherette Journal is great because you can mix and match cover colors and paper refills. Of course my favorite cover color is Raspberry, it’s bright and beautiful, but not too loud.

So those are my picks for gift ideas for people who love the color pink (and there are no laws against buying gifts for yourself)! I hope it was helpful. Happy shopping!

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Rhodia Treasure Box Giveaway!



Rhodia’s original notepad design dates all the way back to the 1930’s and it hasn’t changed since! These lovable orange notepads have a scored folding front cover that folds neatly behind the pad and they contain environmentally friendly Clairefontaine paper. The 80g paper is super-smooth, acid-free and fountain pen friendly. Although Rhodia paper is available as graph, blank and ruled, the graph paper remains the favorite of creative people who sketch, do hand drafting and take notes.

The Rhodia Treasure Box cleverly looks just like a large Rhodia notepad. Open the cover to find 4 Rhodia graph paper notepads of various sizes and 2 triangular shaped Rhodia pencils. These make great gifts!


We want to hear from you! Leave a comment on our blog telling us (1) what Rhodia product is your personal favorite and (2) why you like it. If you’ve never used Rhodia, then we would appreciate knowing which Rhodia product you’d like to try first! One of you Commenters will be chosen to receive a Rhodia Treasure Box.

Comments must be received by February 28, 2009. Giveaway open to residents of the USA only. Winner will be chosen by March 7, 2009 and will be contacted by email. Giveaway is not open to employees of Writer’s Bloc.


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