Famous Fans of Clairefontaine

Exaclair gives us some insight into famous fans of Clairefontaine paper. There’s quite a list, and we know this isn’t all inclusive:

Carla Bruni, Carrie Bradshaw, John Berendt, David Mamet, Claire Messud, Paul Auster, Christina Baldwin, Lillian Ross, Lyn Harris, Karine Moline, Kim France, Anne Stuart, J. Sperling Reich, Carol L. Skolnick, Susan Wiggs, Karen Traviss and Hawksley Workman all regularly use Clairefontaine paper.

In case you don’t know who some of these people are, you can read about them on Exaclair’s website. Many of them are well-known authors and writers who would know a quality notebook when they used one!

One of our favorite excerpts from Exaclair is the information about Susan Wiggs:

"Best selling author Susan Wiggs, in her recent novel, Passing through Paradise, devised a heroine who uses Clairefontaine tablets and peacock-blue ink. This is no surprise, since the author herself always writes her first drafts with a special fountain pen, peacock-blue ink, and, yes, Clairefontaine notebooks."

Even not-so-famous writers like ourselves have caught on to why Clairefontaine is simply the best paper in the world for writing!

Clairefontaine hard cover notebooks
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Rhodia Weekly Notebook

Rhodia Weekly Notebook

The Rhodia Weekly Notebook is a new addition to the line of Rhodia products available in the USA. Those of us that love Rhodia can now stay on top of things and keep organized while enjoying Rhodia’s famous smooth grid paper!

I find the layout of this planner, especially in the 6×9 size, to be perfect for my weekly activities. The left side of the page allows for scheduling a full week of plans and appointments, and the right side of the page has a large grid area with 3 months at-a-glance on the bottom. This is just perfect for my needs since I attend one or two meetings every week where I need to take some notes. Now I can combine my scheduling and note taking into one convenient notebook.

The white acid-free paper has a 90g weight in the 6×9 desk size notebook (64g in the pocket size 4×6 notebook) and works quite well with the fountain pens I carry around in my purse. This paper minimizes any ink bleed through, feathering or ink see-through.

In addition to the nice quality of paper in Rhodia notebooks I just happen to love the color orange! The flexible, leather-like cover of the Rhodia Weekly Notebook is available in both orange and black. The front cover has an embossed Rhodia logo on it and there is also an elastic to keep your notebook securely closed.

Once in awhile I enjoy travelling overseas so I find the extra information included with the 6×9 Weekly Notebook to be very helpful. In addition to world maps there are international telephone codes, average temperatures and holidays I’ve often never heard of. These few pages really help make my travels run more smoothly.

For those that like a compact planner, the 4×6 Rhodia Weekly Notebook tucks away neatly in a purse or pocket. Writer’s Bloc is happy to welcome the Weekly Notebook to the Rhodia family!

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How to Fill a Fountain Pen With a Piston Converter

Take the cap off the fountain pen and remove the barrel by unscrewing the pen. Attach the piston converter to the pen if it isn’t attached already. You will need a bottle of fountain pen ink with enough ink in it to completely immerse the nib of the pen.

Immerse the nib in the bottle of ink and twist the top of the converter counterclockwise to move the piston down and to force the air out of the converter.

Turn the top of the converter clockwise to move the piston in an upwards direction and to begin filling the converter with ink. Be sure that the nib is entirely submerged in the ink!

Be patient and wait for a little while before removing the nib from the ink to allow the converter to fill completely.

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Gift Ideas for people who love Orange!

Perhaps you have not noticed from our selection of products, but we at Writer’s Bloc like the color orange. A lot. You probably know somebody, perhaps with a fun, outgoing, slightly quirky, personality that also loves orange (or perhaps you are that person). If you want to make that person’s day with a great gift here are some ideas for what to get them!Quo Vadis Habana Journal - Small, Red or Orange

Quo Vadis Habana Journal- Simple, sophisticated, vibrant design makes this journal perfect for any writer.

Rhodia Large Wirebound Pad and Rhodia Pencils– You can’t talk about orange without talking about Rhodia. These two items are a fun twist on office basics.

Kaweco Sport Ice Fountain Pen

Kaweco Sport Ice Fountain Pen and LAMY Limited Edition Fountain Pen- These are not your grandfather’s fountain pens. These unique instruments are perfect to add to– or start!– a great fountain pen collection.

Orla Kiely Large Bound Notebook in Striped Petal and Live Inspired Reporter Style Notebook- Something Beautiful– Distinctive designs from two of our newest product lines.

Happy shopping!

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