Choosing Your Quo Vadis Planner Based on the Paper

Quo Vadis Planners come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors, and all of them contain high-quality paper with a pleasantly smooth writing surface. If you are particular about your paper, how do you know which one contains just the right paper for you?

If you’re looking for a planner that is as light-weight and compact as possible, easy to carry around and stash discreetly in a purse or pocket, 64g or 55g paper helps to reduce size and weight. One of my favorite small planners is the Exacompta Daily Pocket Diary.

If you are a fountain pen user, Quo Vadis recommends paper that is 85g or higher, although many prefer the 90g paper. As is typical of Quo Vadis planners, there is little to no feathering or bleed-through of fountain pen ink on this paper, and the weight of 85g or higher has the added advantage of preventing most ink see-through.

Although Quo Vadis manufactures all of their paper in an environmentally responsible fashion, if you’re the type that wants to stick to recycled products, then the Quo Vadis Basic or Equology lines of planners are for you. (More Quo Vadis Basic planners are expected to be in our shop soon.)

If you’re picky about paper color, Quo Vadis gives you the choice of extra white, white, ivory and even a pale green color of paper such as found in the super-popular daily planner Journal 21.

If you love graph paper, Rhodia Weekly Planners provide a grid area along with each week’s plans for drawing and taking notes.

Quo Vadis comes to the rescue and provides us with the following informative chart on the types of paper contained in Quo Vadis planners. (We left the Quo Vadis Notebooks on the end of this list for your reference.) Which Quo Vadis Planner is your favorite?

Quo Vadis Paper Chart

Edition Weight Color
Trinote 90g extra white
Minister 90g extra white
Academic Minister 90g extra white
Prenote 90g extra white
President 90g extra white
Principal® 90g extra white
Scholar 90g extra white
Septanote 90g extra white
Note 27 90g ivory
Monthly 4 90g extra white
Quarter 90g extra white
Executive 90g extra white
Visual 90g green tint
Space 24 90g green tint
Rhodia Weekly Notebook 6 x 9 90g extra white
Rhodia Weekly Notebook 6 x 9 Academic 90g extra white
Visoplan 90g extra white
President Equology 89g white
Minister Equology 89g white
Scholar Equology 89g white
Exaplan 85g extra white
Textagenda Equology 74g white
Sapa X Equology 74g white
Journal 21 72g green tint
Business 64g extra white
Sapa X 64g extra white
Sapa X Academic 64g extra white
Notor 64g extra white
Textagenda 64g extra white
IB Traveler 64g extra white
ABP1 64g extra white
Biweek 64g extra white
University 64g extra white
Student 64g extra white
Rhodia Weekly Notebook 4 x 6 64g extra white
Rhodia Weekly Notebook 4 x 6 Academic 64g extra white
Miniweek 55g ivory
Space 17 55g ivory
Daily Pocket 55g ivory
Habana large ruled 90g extra white
Habana large blank 90g extra white
Habana pocket blank 90g extra white
Habana pocket ruled 64g extra white
Robert le heros large ruled 90g extra white
Robert le heros pocket ruled 64g extra white
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Back to School 2010

In college all the excitement of Back to School boiled down to finding the best supplies to get some super focused studying done so I could get on with my life. Happily, I graduated this May! In celebration of finally getting out of school, here are my picks and tips for essential college study survival for BACK TO SCHOOL 2010!

Clairefontaine Wirebound Notebook- Large, Ruled w/ Margin, Punched – This notebook is everything you need for versatile note taking. Wire binding lets you flip back and write in your lap when needed, microperforated for a clean and easy tear, and 3-hole-punched if you want to transfer your notes from notebook to binder.

Rhodia Pencils- Hardbox of 25 – Not your little sister’s pencils. These stylish pencils by Rhodia are ergonomically designed and hellooo, cool pencil box for your desk! I highly recommend buying stuff that you will use every day in bulk, it will save you money in the the long run.

Zebra Hyper Jell Set of 10 – Break away from the black, blue, and red pens that blot and smear on the page and leak all over your hand. You can do better. These Zebra pens write comfortably and dry fast enough for even the speediest left-handed notetaker in the class.

Platinum Preppy Highlighters – Books, syllabuses, notebooks, study guides… every piece of paper a college student comes across is likely to be highlighted on at some point in time. These refillable highlighters are easier on your wallet and on the environment because you can refill the ink and replace the tips as needed for many semesters to come!

Bob’s Your Uncle Punctuation Page Markers – All the best highlighting in the world will not help you if you cannot find the pages you need for class or study group. Use the punctuation on these great markers as a system to help you find what you need for the week!

Quo Vadis Minister Academic Weekly Planner – Trying to keep track of 6 different syllabuses a semester is a difficult task! Compile all important due dates and tests into a planner that you will use frequently, and then pencil in some time for fun!

Pentel Tradio Fountain Pen – Fountain pens write with less effort than most ballpoint pens so they are especially awesome for marathon note taking. Also, they can be refilled with your favorite ink colors to make studying slightly more fun. The Tradio Fountain Pen is sleek, stylish, and affordable– just don’t let anyone borrow it (unless you’re trying to make a good impression 🙂

Please share your tips for focused, efficient studying and help all our students out 🙂 Happy New School Year!


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Paper PDAs


In the era of i-everything, talking maps in every language imaginable, and phones that can practically beam you into space it’s easy for paper and pencil to get lost in the shuffle. Yet, there is nothing quite like being able to write down plans, ideas, and inspirations with your own hand. I have yet to jump on the bandwagon of all-digital organization. I still keep a pint-sized planner namely (the Quo Vadis Business Pocket Weekly Planner) in my purse. My planner does not need to boot up and load before I can write something down, I can take it out and use it at my whimsy without worrying that the batteries will die or that a virus will erase everything off of it. I use my planner everyday to keep track of my work to-do’s, my volunteer hours, and important upcoming events. I’ve used the lined pages in the back to jot own preliminary vacation plans and recipes I’ve come across. Surprisingly, I’ve even found uses for the U.S. and World maps in the back! Of course the entire notebook is littered with doodles, notes, and random math equations.

Here are my picks for other unique pocket paper PDAs (yes, I know that the acronym is technically  incorrect 🙂

I love the cover design of the Orla Kiely Small Bound Notebook and the fact that it is filled with lined, graph and blank paper! Similarly the Atomic Soda Minilabo Pocket Notebook has an adorable cover and the blank pages can be "converted" into lined or graph by using the cardboard underlay template; I also like the elastic band as it provides a little extra protection for the pages against the whirlwind that is my purse. Finally, I really like the Clairefontaine Life Unplugged Basic Staplebound Duo; these sturdy notebooks boast the motto "takes you were no laptop can go."

For those that like the added security of a flap or elastic strap you might like the small Robert Le Heros, Quo Vadis Habana and Clairefontaine Rainforest journals. I know that some people like to make sure they always have a notebook on hand (you never know when inspiration might strike!) so for those of you I would recommend taking a look at the small and pocket sized Clairefontaine notebooks we have in sets of 10.

Don’t count them out because they’re small, endless possibilities await within– no batteries needed. Do you keep a pocket notebook or planner? What do you use it for?

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Clairefontaine Paper Variations

Clairefontaine is well-known for making high quality paper in a large variety of sizes, styles and purposes. How do you go about deciding which kind of Clairefontaine paper is best to fit your needs? Here’s some handy information from the Exaclair website that can really help:

Clairefontaine Paper Chart

Product Weight Description
Notebooks 90 g Extra white paper, except for spiral multi-subject which is a light pastel color. Ruled, ruled with margin, French ruled, graph, blank, staves (music notebook), staple bound, spiral, clothbound, hardcover
Pads 90 g Extra white paper, staple bound, spiral
Triomphe Tablets 90 g Extra white, blank, ruled
DCP Paper 100 g Bright white, blank
Graf it Sketch Pads 90 g White
Spiral Drawing Pads 120 g White, medium tooth surface
Spiral Sketch Pads 90 g White, medium tooth surface
Spiral Watercolor Pads 300 g White, cold pressed
Calligraphy Pad 130 g Ivory, simili Japon paper
“Fontaine” Watercolor 300 g 100% cotton rag, natural white, cold pressed
“Ingres” Pastel Pad 130 g White – slight ivory tinge
Color – assorted, sand, almond, ochre, sooty black
Laid finish
Oil Pad 240 g White – linen texture
Acrylic 360 g White, hot pressed
Pollen Stationery 210 g
120 g
22 colors
All sheets and cards
All envelopes

In addition to the difference in types of Clairefontaine paper, many people wonder how Rhodia paper compares to Clairefontaine paper. If you’d like to know the answer, the Rhodia Drive blog explains the difference between Rhodia and Clairefontaine Paper.

Cole at The Orchard gives us her take on the differences between Clairefontaine Digital Color Printing Paper, Ingres Pastel Pad, Graf it Sketchpad and the Kalligraphie Pad, as well as giving us a nice comparison of the Rhodia Webnotebook and the Quo Vadis Habana Journal.

What’s your favorite Clairefontaine paper?

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How to Care For Your LAMY Fountain Pen

To keep a fountain pen functioning properly it needs to be cleaned from time to time. When ink comes into contact with air it dries out and can prevent ink from flowing freely in your fountain pen. To avoid any unwanted chemical reactions, it’s a good idea to clean your fountain pen well before switching to a different ink. If you aren’t going to be using a fountain pen for awhile, before storing it a good cleaning is a must. When LAMY pens are cared for and maintained properly, in the USA LAMY offers a life-time warranty. So what is the recommended way to clean a LAMY pen? We found the following helpful tips on the LAMY website:

Warning: Do not use any kind of detergent when washing your pen. After you have cleaned it, dry the front part thoroughly and drain it completely using an absorbent piece of material.

Piston Pen

If the ink supply channel becomes encrusted, rinse the pen several times with clean water. The piston mechanism is easy to rinse effectively. It does not become encrusted so quickly because the device cleans itself automatically every time you fill it.

Cartridge Pen

If the ink supply channel becomes encrusted, soak the entire front part in clean water until the encrusted ink is dissolved. You can also wash it out under warm, running water or add a converter and rinse through several times.

Fountain Pen with Converter

Fit the converter and rinse with water. Repeat this procedure as often as necessary until the water you use for cleaning runs out clear.

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