Monteverde Mini Converter for Fountain Pens

Mini main

The Monteverde Mini Ink Converter is designed to fit most fountain pens that take short standard universal ink cartridges. It has a simple plunger style filling system with an easy to use push/pull action. This mini ink converter does not hold as much ink as a short cartridge, so why would anyone want to use it? An ink converter allows you to use bottled fountain pen ink in a fountain pen that would normally only use ink cartridges. This greatly expands the selection of ink that you can use with your pen, reduces waste and saves a bit of money!

Monteverde Mini Converter size
Monteverde Mini Converter compared to a Pelikan giant ink cartridge and a short standard international cartridge.

There are several fountain pens and rollerball pens that have a barrel that is too short or too narrow to take a regular size ink converter. This is where the Monteverde Mini Ink Converter comes to the rescue! Fully extended the Mini Converter is only about 2.25″ long. Here it is inside a J. Herbin Rollerball Pen:

Monteverde Mini Converter & J. Herbin Rollerball Pen
Monteverde Mini Converter & J. Herbin Rollerball Pen

It also fits inside the short barrel of the Kaweco Sport fountain pen and rollerball pen:

Monteverde Mini Converter & Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen
Monteverde Mini Converter & Kaweco Sport Rollerball Pen

A note about using the Monteverde Mini Converter with the Kaweco Sport: Because the connector for the ink cartridge in the Kaweco pen is very short, some writers find that the converter wants to “pop off” of the connector or does not seem to attach very securely. This can be remedied by wrapping tape around the clear part of the converter. Wrap it with tape once and check to see if it fits the pen securely. If not, try wrapping it with tape a second time and it should stay put.

Since the plunger on the Monteverde Mini Converter is so easy to use, the Mini is a useful tool for using water to flush out the feed of some of your fountain pens or rollerball pens (assuming that standard universal cartridges fit in your pen).

What fountain pens do you find the Monteverde Mini Converter to be particularly suited for?


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Quo Vadis Scholar #55 Academic Planner Review

Quo Vadis Scholar #55 Academic Planner is a weekly, desk-sized agenda designed for both teachers and students alike. It has an open format that makes it easy to track when your assignments and papers are due, and keeps test dates and other activities organized. It is an academic planner which means it starts with the month of August and ends with the month of July of the following year. It’s a welcome addition to Writer’s Bloc this season. What features make it a useful organizing tool?

The Quo Vadis Scholar begins with a page for personal information including such details as name, address, email and important medical information. Across from this page is one ruled page for notes. Then comes a 2-page Monday through Saturday Time Schedule with half hour increments starting at 8:00am and ending at 9:00pm (it assumes that you are taking Sundays off). It seems that it would be a good idea to fill this in with pencil since schedules tend to change over time. The lines from Noon to 2:00pm are printed with grey to help you keep track of when your lunch break might occur in relation to the rest of the day.

There are two annual planning pages that cover one school year – starting with July of one year to the end of June in the following year. Each month has one column with a box for priorities on the top, and small spaces beneath for each day of the month. These pages allow you to see a general outline of your yearly plans at a glance.

The Scholar has an “open format.” In other words, each day of the weekly plan is not broken down into hourly increments, rather, each day has a space with several lines for freestyle planning in whatever format you want. It has one week on two pages: the top of the left page starts with Monday and the bottom of the right page ends with Sunday. Underneath each weekday date is a small area for noting daily priorities. Other details included in the weekly plan are the month number, the week of the year number, the day of the year number, lunar cycles and holidays.

A set of world maps in grey tones follows the end of the weekly plans. Map pages include: North America, Canada, USA, South America, Australia & New Zealand, Europe, Asia and Africa.

The Scholar includes a small address book section.

If you like to write with fountain pens the Scholar is a good choice since most versions of this planner contain 90g white Clairefontaine paper (except for the Basic and Equology covers which contain 89g recycled paper). Besides being super-smooth to write on, this paper reduces ink feathering and bleed through, is acid-free, pH neutral and is PEFC certified. For a list of other fountain pen friendly planners you can take a look at our list under the blog post “Fountain Pen Friendly Planners.”

The binding is sewn to keep pages from falling out and the lower corner of each page has a tear-off perforation you can use to help you find your place. The page size of this planner is approximately 6 1/4” x 9 3/8”. The Quo Vadis Scholar academic agenda can be purchased with a refillable cover that’s available in different colors and materials such as Texas Vinyl, Club, Soho and Equology. If you don’t want a refillable cover you can get the Scholar with a Python or Noir Spiral cover. (The equivalent Quo Vadis calendar year planner beginning with January and ending with December is the Hebdo #56.)

What’s your favorite academic planning diary and academic planner format?

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