How to Use The Cornell Note Taking System Effectively for Business or Client Meetings

You may have used the Cornell note taking system to get you through college and found this method to be very helpful for studying. Now that you’re part of the professional world you may still be taking a lot of notes. How can you use Cornell notes effectively during business or client meetings?

The page layout for using Cornell notes for business is more or less the same as Cornell notes for study. Each page is divided into 3 sections. If you’re using 8.5 x 11″ paper you’ll want to create a head section that includes the first 2″ at the top of the page for the Title and Agenda. Next you’ll want to create a column on either the left or right side of the page that is about 2″ wide for Cues. The remaining large area of the page is used for Notes.

If you have an opportunity ahead of time you can prepare by writing the date, title and agenda in the Title and Agenda section. Other useful information for this section could be the name and contact info of the customer, or names of people that attended the meeting.

The Cues column is useful both before and after your client or business meeting. If there is a list of questions or information that needs to be gathered during the meeting, in advance write the questions or keywords in the Cues column leaving plenty of space between each keyword. Then when the questions are answered or as the information is gathered during the meeting, write this information next to the keywords in the large Notes area.

After your meeting has concluded you can use the Cues column to stay organized by making to-do lists, noting appointments, deadlines, priorities, names, contact info and writing keywords next to the main points in your Notes section.

During your meetings you’ll want to focus on using the large Notes area of the page for taking detailed notes. Of course these notes will vary widely depending on what your field of work is. They could include drawings, layouts, measurements, sketches, requirements, procedures, news, diagrams or charts. Format the notes to your preference using an outline, bullet points or a linear style. To keep up with the stream of information you may want to abbreviate and paraphrase as much as possible. It is helpful to leave space between topics and main points in case you want to fill in some details later.

If you’re looking for a notebook that is specially designed for taking Cornell Notes you might want to check these out:

Moleskine Professional Notebook – Extra Large, Black Hardcover
Moleskine Professional Notebook – Large, Black Hardcover
Rhodia Business Collection Meeting Book 90 – A4+ Large
Rhodia Business Collection Meeting Book 90 – Medium
Rhodia Classic Meeting Book – Large with Black Cover
Rhodia Classic Meeting Book – Large with Orange Cover
Rhodia Classic Meeting Book – Medium with Black Cover
Rhodia Classic Meeting Book – Medium with Orange Cover

Adapt these suggestions to your individual circumstances to stay organized and on top of your work load. Do you have any helpful suggestions or tips you would like to share for using Cornell notes during client and business meetings?

Cornell Notes for Business or Client Meetings

Cornell Notes for Business or Client Meetings





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Ten Fountain Pens to Buy For Your Girlfriend

Alright guys, let’s face it. Sometimes you are clueless as to what kind of gifts to buy for your girlfriend. Suppose you are passionate about writing with a fountain pen and you would like to introduce your girlfriend, wife or daughter to what the fuss is all about. Perhaps your girl is an artist, writer or a business professional and a fountain pen seems like a natural gift. Guys are often attracted to technical pens that are heavy, large and masculine in color and appearance. Women tend to like pens that are slender and lighter in weight with an attractive, stylish appearance. You may be thinking you need to buy a diamond-encrusted limited edition fountain pen (and by all means do it if you can afford it!), but a more modest investment is a good approach if you’re not sure if she’ll share your love of writing with a fountain pen. Take a look at our suggestions and maybe you’ll find something on this list that will appeal to your special friend. We’re listing these by price – from the least expensive to the most expensive.

1) Pilot Metropolitan Animal Fountain Pen

The Pilot Metropolitan’s medium nib is smooth, easy to write with and the pen comes complete with a gift box, ink cartridge and ink converter for use when you buy her a bottle of ink to go with it. A fabulous deal for the price! We particularly like the pearly White Tiger or Violet Leopard, but if animal prints aren’t your girlfriend’s style there are also other color options.

2) Platinum Plaisir Fountain Pen

The Platinum Plaisir is low maintenance thanks to a special inner cap that keeps the ink from drying out in the nib. Its pearlized finish comes in a flashy bright lipstick Red as well as more demure Frosty Blue, Pink or Violet colors. For this pen, we favor the fine nib for someone new to fountain pens.

3) Set of Colorful Platinum Preppy Fountain Pens with a Pen Pouch

Women love color and many love to write with colorful ink! How fun it would be to receive a set of 7 colorful Preppy Fountain Pens each with their own matching ink color. To complete this gift it is a must to buy a pen pouch to store them all in. There are tons of pen pouches to choose from such as the PlePle Wrap Pen Case which happens to fit seven Preppy Pens perfectly!

LAMY AL-Star Fountain Pen Purple

LAMY AL-Star Fountain Pen Purple

4) LAMY Safari or AL-Star Fountain Pen

LAMY Safari & LAMY AL-Star fountain pens have the same basic design, but are made from different materials. The Safari comes in solid colors and is made of sturdy ABS plastic, and the AL-Star has a light-weight aluminum body with a matte metallic finish. Our favorite picks are the Purple AL-Star and the limited edition Pink LAMY Safari. Both are available in a variety of colors and a variety of nib sizes and are hugely popular with writers of all sorts. Writing with a LAMY is a fabulous way to be introduced to the world of fountain pens! It was what got me hooked 🙂

Platinum Cool Fountain Pen Crystal Rose

Platinum Cool Fountain Pen Crystal Rose

5) Platinum Cool Fountain Pen

The Platinum Cool Fountain Pen is a demonstrator pen, which means it has a clear body that allows you to see the inside of the pen and gives it a more “delicate” appearance. The clear Crystal Rose pink is very feminine, and if pink is not her thing then we suggest the clear Crystal Blue which is a serene sky blue color. The Platinum Cool Pens are packaged in a clear gift box and include an ink converter for using bottled ink.

6) Pilot Prera Demonstrator

This Pilot Prera fountain pen is a clear demonstrator pen with a pop of color on the end of the cap and the end of the body. If your girlfriend likes to write with colorful ink the clear body of the pen is a nice feature since it allows you to see the colorful ink inside the pen. When it is capped, the pen is very compact so it fits easily into a pocket or purse. Conveniently this pen comes with an ink converter so you can use bottled ink and is available with a variety of accent colors such as Light Green, Light Blue, Pink and more. The fine nib is a good choice for writers with small handwriting.

7) Aurora Style Fountain Pen

Aurora Style fountain pens have a sleek, modern appearance, perfect for writers that don’t like a lot of fussy frilly details. The Style Gemstone collection includes a beautiful pale Aquamarine Blue and a pale Amethyst Purple. For those drawn towards bright colors I really like the golden-yellow Mustard and the burgundy-red Paprika Style pens. There are also other more conservative color options like a soft White.

Pelikan Classic Special Edition M205 Fountain Pen - Aquamarine

Pelikan Classic Special Edition M205 Fountain Pen – Aquamarine

8) Pelikan Classic M205 or M200 Fountain Pen

The Pelikan Classic M205 or M200 Fountain Pen seems to be made for a woman’s hand. It is one of Pelikan’s smaller fountain pens so it is just the right size. It has a piston filling system which means it is meant to be used with bottled ink.

9) Delta Vintage Fountain Pen

The Delta Vintage Fountain Pen is hand-made from a mother of pearl acrylic resin that beautifully catches the light. This modern Italian-made pen comes in a gift box with an ink cartridge. The marbled Ruby Red or White pens are gorgeous!

Pilot Custom 74 Fountain Pen Violet

Pilot Custom 74 Fountain Pen Violet

10) Pilot Custom 74 Fountain Pen

Besides the fact that the Pilot Custom 74 is an awesome fountain pen to write with, we particularly love the inspiring color of the clear Violet Custom 74 pen. I really want to use this violet pen along with Pilot Iroshizuku Beautyberry ink! This is the only pen on our list with a 14K nib, so naturally this pen is a bit more of an investment, but it is not over-the-top expensive. It comes with all the goodies you need – a gift box, ink cartridge and an ink converter – and it is available in several other colors such as a cheerful orange or a sapphire blue.

Remember guys, usually only one ink cartridge is included with a new fountain pen (if it has a cartridge/converter filling system), so be sure to get an extra pack of ink cartridges or a bottle of ink and an ink converter (if necessary) when you buy your gift. If she loves writing with her new fountain pen she’ll be sure to appreciate the extra thoughtfulness on your part.

Now that we’ve got 10 fountain pens on our list we feel that the list could be expanded by many, many more. All of you women writers out there, what fountain pen do you wish your man would buy for you?


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A Cover That You Can Refill With Clairefontaine Notebooks!

Exacompta Visual Planner with a Turquoise Club Cover

Exacompta Visual Planner with a Turquoise Club Cover

Do you love Clairefontaine paper? Do you wish you had an attractive cover that could be refilled with a Clairefontaine notebook? We’ve discovered that the Exacompta Visual Planner cover can be refilled with these medium-size Clairefontaine notebooks:

Exacompta Visual Planner covers are available in several different colors and styles including Club, Soho and Texas. If you don’t already have a notebook to fill the Visual cover, be sure to get one of these Clairefontaine medium notebooks at the same time as you order the cover. Happy writing!

Do you use a cover with your Clairefontaine notebooks? If so, what kind of cover do you like to use? If you could design your own cover, what would it be like and what Clairefontaine notebook would it hold?

Exacompta Visual Weekly Desk Diary with Raspberry Soho Cover

Exacompta Visual Weekly Desk Diary with Raspberry Soho Cover


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