Platinum Cool Fountain Pen Review

Platinum Cool Fountain Pens

Platinum Cool Fountain Pens

The Cool Fountain Pen is an attractive, affordable and enjoyable daily writing instrument from Platinum Pens of Japan. It is a demonstrator fountain pen, which means it has a clear barrel that allows you to see the inner structure of the pen, to monitor your ink levels and to admire the color of the ink inside the pen. Even the part of the ink feed that the nib is attached to is translucent as you can see in the photo below:

Platinum Cool Fountain Pen Crystal Rose - Behind the Nib

Platinum Cool Fountain Pen Crystal Rose – Behind the Nib

The plastic resin body is smooth on the outside and has a faceted interior that reflects the light as you turn the pen. The quality and weight of the plastic barrel and cap as well as the well-fitted polished chrome trim makes you feel as if you are writing with a much more expensive pen. Inside the snap-on cap is a white plastic insert that has a special job to do: it prevents ink from drying out in the nib of your pen. This means the pen can sit unused for many days, but when you take the cap off to write it works right away without a struggle.

Platinum Cool Fountain Pen - Crystal Clear, Nib & Cap Closeup

Platinum Cool Fountain Pen – Crystal Clear, Nib & Cap Closeup

The stainless steel nib on this pen has an interesting feature. According to the Platinum Pens Japan website “the nib is moderately flexible because of its shape, that the nib becomes thicker toward the tip.” When I applied pressure to the nib against the paper I could see that it would flex a little bit. The amount of pressure required to get this flex means that you probably won’t notice the flex much as you write. Maybe because I’m left-handed and have to push the nib along the page rather than pull it as someone right-handed does, this feature is kind of lost on me. It could be a “cool” nib to draw with. The nib is very sleek and modern looking with minimal engraving – only a “P” for Platinum and a tiny character indicating whether the nib is a fine or a medium. My own personal Cool fountain pen has a medium nib, which writes very smoothly, even for a lefty like myself. The Cool fine nib is quite fine – probably comparable to the extra-fine nibs of some other brands.

Left: no pressure on the nib. Right: slight nib flex when pressed against the paper.

Left: no pressure on the nib. Right: slight nib flex when pressed against the paper.

The Platinum Cool fountain pen has a cartridge/converter filling system, and is compatible with Platinum ink cartridges and the Platinum ink converter. The pen comes with an ink cartridge and the ink converter (for bottled ink) is sold separately. The Platinum ink converter has a couple of shiny gold or silver colored metal pieces on it that can be seen through the pen.

Platinum Cool Fountain Pen - Crystal Blue with Converter

Platinum Cool Fountain Pen – Crystal Blue with Converter

The Platinum Cool fountain pen weighs about 0.63 oz, it is approximately 5.5″ when it is capped, and 6″ when it is posted. Currently, this fountain pen is available in the following colors and nib choices:

Have you had the opportunity to try out a Platinum Cool Fountain Pen? What do you think of the writing experience?

Platinum Cool Fountain Pen - Group Photos

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What gift will you buy to congratulate the Grad in your life?

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