Join Us in Celebrating Our 10th Anniversary!


November 2016 marks the 10th anniversary of Writer’s Bloc! It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years already since we opened the doors of our first retail store on NW 23 Avenue in Portland, Oregon. We were motivated by our love of good quality fountain pens, writing instruments and paper to create our shop to share what we love with others that have the same passion, and also to inspire others to develop a love for handwriting.

Our 10th Anniversary Sale is already underway, offering 10 weeks of deals on many of your favorite products. This week you can get an extra 10% off on all dot-grid notebooks. We’ve still got 7 more weeks of sales to go until the end of 2016 – visit our website often and follow us on social media to check out the latest discounts.

Writer's Bloc History

Writer’s Bloc History

That first shop focused on a variety of well-made pens, unique journals, office supplies and stationery from Asian countries. We also had a pretty rad display of Eurogames! Check out this collage of some products from the past – anyone remember these?

what we love with others that have the same passion, and to inspire others to develop a love for writing

Nostalgic collage of items we used to have in our shop

We’ve come a long way since 2006. You helped us to discover Clairefontaine, Rhodia, J. Herbin Ink, Noodler’s Ink, LAMY, Quo Vadis Planners and more essential high-quality tools for writers. We’ve expanded the number of fountain pens on our shelves. Who knows what will arrive at Writer’s Bloc in the future! You’ve helped us get to where we are now and we really appreciate the great community of pen, pencil and paper people out there that have supported us and provided us with inspiration over the years. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making our 10 years a success!

Some of our favorite items that can currently be found at Writer's Bloc

Some of our favorite items that can currently be found at Writer’s Bloc

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How Do I Know What Refill I Need For My Quo Vadis or Exacompta Planner?

How to find the name of the Quo Vadis planner refill that you need.

How to find the name of the Quo Vadis planner refill that you need.

It’s Autumn again and time to start thinking about buying a brand new paper planner for the upcoming year. If you’ve got a Quo Vadis or Exacompta agenda planning diary with a refillable cover, all you need to get is a paper refill. The trouble is, it’s been a whole year and you can’t remember the name of the planner that you bought last year.

There’s an easy solution to this problem. Open the front cover of your current planner and look at the first printed page on the right. The name of the planner refill you need is located to the left of the year. In the example above, the name of the refill is the “Minister.” Problem solved!

Writers Bloc routinely carries refills for the following Exacompta and Quo Vadis yearly planners:

We also have refills for these academic year planners for students:

Have a great year everyone!

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Save Money by Buying Rhodia Notepads in Bulk

Writer’s Bloc routinely sells Rhodia paper notebooks and other Rhodia products at a discounted price – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Did you know that if you purchase as little as 5 or more of some Rhodia notepads you can get an additional discount? We have a special section on our website listing popular items that are often purchased in bulk – you can take a look at the selection here:

Quantity Discounts

If there’s an item you want that’s not listed there, or if we don’t have enough inventory to fill your order, send us an email and we’ll do our best to fulfill your request. If your order totals $200.00 or more (US), send us an email before you place your order and you may qualify for a greater discount. Special requests can be filled with as little as 3 weeks turnaround time in the USA.

If you’re a Rhodia fanatic this is a great way to save money on your favorite orange and black notepads!

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5 Essential Rhodia Products to Help You Thrive at the Office

It’s a jungle out there! If you’ve ever worked in an office you know what I mean. Stock up on these Rhodia essentials and thrive during the daily workplace chaos.

Rhodia Meeting Book & Vanishing Point Fountain Pen

Rhodia Meeting Book & Vanishing Point Fountain Pen

Rhodia Meeting Book

When your day at the office or at client meetings includes taking detailed, specific notes that you need to refer back to in the future, the Rhodia Meeting Book comes to the rescue. Its paper is in the Cornell Notes format, which is an effective layout for taking notes during meetings and then adding cues to help you to find specific details later. If you’re not familiar with how this method can help you, take a look at our previous post “How to Use The Cornell Note Taking System Effectively for Business or Client Meetings.”

Rhodia Pencils

Rhodia Pencils

Rhodia Pencils

The triangular shaped Rhodia Pencil won’t roll off your desk and is comfortable in the hand. The orange body perfectly matches your orange Rhodia notepad and the black wood around the lead makes a bold statement.

Rhodia Ice Bloc 13 with a LAMY Al-Star Fountain Pen

Rhodia Ice Bloc 13 with a LAMY Al-Star Fountain Pen

Rhodia Bloc Notepads

Rhodia Bloc Notepads are the iconic product that Rhodia is famous for: top staple-bound paper notepads and bright white 80g paper with a 5 mm x 5 mm violet grid. Each page is microperforated at the top so it can cleanly and easily be removed. There are probably about a million different uses for these everyday notepads! These notebooks come in a wide range of sizes, colors, styles and paper types.

The Rhodia Webnotebook or Rhodiarama Flexible Notebook

Pull out a classy Rhodia Webnotebook to impress clients and coworkers at business meetings and the premium paper inside pairs perfectly with your executive fountain pen. Rhodia Webnotebooks and Rhodiarama Flexible Notebooks are perfect for use as guest books, corporate gifts, etc. These durable notebooks are great for everyday notes and come in a variety of colors, sizes, formats and paper styles.

Rhodia Weekly Webplanner

Who doesn’t need a calendar to keep their busy office schedule organized? The Rhodia Weekly Webplanner has your weekly scheduling on the left page and a page of Rhodia’s famous grid paper for notes on the right. This leather-like hardbound planner has a stitched binding to keep pages from falling out. It’s available in pocket or desk size, with an orange or black cover.

What are your favorite essential Rhodia products for work?

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What’s the difference between Clairefontaine and Rhodia?

Both Clairefontaine and Rhodia brands of paper notebooks have some of the best paper in the world for writing and they are loved by writers from many lands. What makes Clairefontaine and Rhodia different?

Today they are owned by the same parent company Exacompta Clairefontaine, but originally they were two different companies. Clairefontaine began making paper in the Vosges region of France in 1858 and began making stationery products in 1890. They were the first company to make school notebooks in France.

Henri and Robert Verilhac, two brothers from a family of paper merchants, created the first Rhodia notepads in 1934 in Sechilienne, France. The name Rhodia comes from the Rhone River and legend has it that the Rhodia logo with two fir trees symbolizes the two founding brothers. Rhodia was purchased by Clairefontaine in 1997.

Clairefontaine’s signature notebooks are for students and come in a variety of sizes, colors and binding styles. The paper inside is bright white 90g French ruled or college ruled.

Rhodia’s signature notepads are top staple bound and contain bright white 80g graph paper with a violet 5 mm x 5 mm grid. They are easily recognizable by their bright orange cover and appeal to artists and designers.

Rhodia Top-Staple Graph Paper Notepads

Rhodia Top-Staple Graph Paper Notepads

Clairefontaine manufactures both their own paper and the paper contained in Rhodia notepads so it is consistently of the same high quality. This paper is well known for its extra-smooth finish and its ability to handle fountain pen ink, reducing or eliminating any ink bleeding through or showing through the paper.

Over time, both Clairefontaine and Rhodia have expanded their selection of paper notebooks to include a wide variety of products for all sorts of different writing and creative needs. You can take a look at a large selection of their extensive product line at Writer’s Bloc.

Which one should I buy: Clairefontaine or Rhodia? Both are great choices! If you’re looking for specific features, in the USA the brand that has the best selection is as follows:

If you like plain, conservative notebook covers try the Clairefontaine Basics series or get a Rhodia notebook with a black cover. Most Clairefontaine paper has a weight of 90g. If you prefer a lighter weight of paper Rhodia has a good selection of 80g paper (although they have a lot of 90g paper as well). Take a look at the Clairefontaine and Rhodia paper writing tests at the bottom of this blog post if you’d like to see a comparison.

Clairefontaine Basics Cloth-Bound Notebook in Black

Clairefontaine Basics Cloth-Bound Notebook with a black cover

If you’ve never had the opportunity to try Clairefontaine and Rhodia notebooks and you want to find out for yourself why people love this paper so much, we’re giving away a limited quantity of sample paper packages. Each package includes:

  • 2 sheets of Clairefontaine 90g ruled paper
  • 2 sheets of Clairefontaine 90g graph paper
  • 1 sheets of Rhodia Ice 80g ruled paper
  • 1 sheet of Rhodia 80g ruled paper
  • 1 sheet of Rhodia “R” Premium 90g ivory ruled paper
  • 1 sheet of Rhodia 80g dot grid paper
  • 1 sheet of Rhodia 80g graph paper

To receive one of these sample packages, please send us an email with your mailing address (USA mailing addresses only) or request a sample with your online order by mentioning it in the comments box during order check out. Once you get started with this fabulous paper you’ll never want to write on anything else!

Clairefontaine 90g Paper Writing Test - Front

Clairefontaine 90g Paper Writing Test – Front

Clairefontaine 90g Paper Writing Test - Back

Clairefontaine 90g Paper Writing Test – Back

Rhodia original 80g white paper writing test - front

Rhodia original 80g white paper writing test – front

Rhodia original 80g white paper writing test - back

Rhodia original 80g white paper writing test – back

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The New & Improved Quo Vadis Minister Planner

This year Quo Vadis is offering us a new and improved version of their Minister planner, available both in academic and calendar year formats. The Minister weekly appointment book was already an enduring favorite, so how was it improved?

Quo Vadis Minister - Monthly Planning Pages

Quo Vadis Minister Monthly Planning Pages and a Platinum Cool Fountain Pen

The most significant improvement to this planner is the addition of monthly planning pages, one page for each month of the year. Each of the 12 monthly planning pages includes 6 Monday-to-Sunday weeks, so there is plenty of room to jot down notes on days just before or following the end of each month. Each day has a record of what day number of the year it is as well as how many days in the year are left remaining. The phases of the moon as well as some common holidays are also mentioned on their corresponding days. The monthly calendar grid gives you about 7/8″ x 1-1/8″ of space per day.

The next thing I noticed is that the planner now has crisp grey and teal print instead of just grey print as is in my Minister from a previous year. The teal adds some subtle highlights without being too bright.

The Quo Vadis Minister maintains its high quality with smooth, extra-white 90g Clairefontaine paper. The outstanding paper is definitely a major highlight of this weekly planner. This paper makes it easy to write on both sides of the page since it minimizes any ink showing through or bleeding through to the opposite side of the page. Fountain pens write like a dream on this paper!

Quo Vadis Minister - Anno-Planning Pages

Quo Vadis Minister – Anno-Planning Pages

The contents of this planner have changed a little bit, especially in the beginning section, so if you’ve been using the Quo Vadis Minister to schedule past years you may notice a few differences. Immediately following the title page is a 2-page annual plan for the current year – the organization of your year at a single glance. On these anno-planning pages each month has one column for jotting down outstanding events throughout the year. Here’s an example of a couple of pages where you’ll notice the teal highlights – each Sunday and major holiday has been highlighted with a pale teal color. Phases of the moon also show up on these pages. Following the anno-planning pages are the 12 monthly planning pages (mentioned above) and then the weekly planning pages begin.

Quo Vadis Minister - Weekly Planning Pages

Quo Vadis Minister – Weekly Planning Pages

The weekly planning pages make up the bulk of the content in the Minister. One week is displayed on two pages, starting with Monday on the left through Friday and Saturday on the right page and Sunday at the bottom. Here’s a list of the details:

  • 8 am to 9pm schedule in 1/2 hour increments
  • Each day has a small box at the top for listing priorities
  • Day number of the year and days remaining is mentioned
  • Week number of the year in top right
  • Quarter number of the year in top right
  • 3-month calendar view also in top right
  • Current week is highlighted in the 3-month calendar
  • 3″ wide column on right page for phone numbers, email addresses, websites, expenses, notes and whatever else you want to record
  • Teal week number of the year tabs along the right side
  • Phases of the moon
  • Major holidays
  • Tear-off page corners
  • 12 months + 3 weeks of weekly appointment pages (December to December in the yearly planner, July to July in the Academic version)
Quo Vadis Minister - Weekly Planning Pages

Quo Vadis Minister – Weekly Planning Pages

The final section following the weekly planning pages in the calendar year version of the Minister begins with a new 2-page monthly plan for January of the following year (different in the Academic version). The features of this monthly plan are the same as the earlier monthly planner pages with the addition of a notes column on the right side of the right page. Then you’ve got another 2-page annual plan for the following year, world time zones and several maps, one lined notes page and a 3-year calendar on the very last page.

Quo Vadis Minister Planner

Quo Vadis Minister Planner

The Quo Vadis Minister Planner currently comes with an extra booklet that serves several functions. Page 1 is ruled for notes, pages 2 and 3 are for listing important anniversaries, etc throughout the year. After this there are 6 pages for recording names, addresses, websites and email addresses. There are 2 pages for writing down your passwords, 9 ruled pages for notes, 8 blank pages and 4 dot grid pages. A little bit of everything is in here! Additional address/memo booklets can be purchased separately from the planner.

Quo Vadis Minister - Password Pages in Notes Booklet

Quo Vadis Minister – Password Pages in Notes Booklet

The Minister has a sewn binding that enables you to open the book flat without the risk of pages falling out. It’s 6-1/4″ x 9-3/8″ in size (16 x 24 cm).

Texas, Club and Soho leatherette covers are available as well as Duo Leather covers. These covers can be refilled year after year without having to buy an extra cover every year.

To check out a writing test to see how well fountain pens and other writing instruments perform on this paper take a look at our review of the Monthly 4 Planner that contains the same type of 90g Clairefontaine paper. Scroll to the end of the post and you’ll find our tests.

Have you used Quo Vadis Planners? Which one is your favorite?

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Space Saving Paper Notebooks

If you walk, bike or take public transportation to class or work, keeping your stationery supplies compact and light weight is a necessity. Paper notebooks that keep you organized while at the same time reducing bulk are much appreciated! Here are a few ideas to keep you streamlined while on the go.

Myndology Disc Bound Notebooks

Myndology disc bound notebooks give you the flexibility of a 3-ring binder along with the compact size of a paper notebook. Specially shaped discs with matching punched paper allow each page to be removed and then put back into these notebooks. College ruled, blank and graph paper refills are available and so are folder and tab inserts that divide your notebooks into organized sections. These features are offered for both Myndology Letter (8.5″ x 11″) and Journal (6.5″ x 8.5″) sized notebooks. If you’ve never had the opportunity to try this style of notebook, take a look at our previous blog post that answers frequently asked questions about disc bound notebooks.

Myndology Notebook Folders and Tabs

Myndology Disc Bound Notebook Folders and Tabs

Clairefontaine Multiple Subject Notebooks

Clairefontaine Multiple Subject Notebooks use two different methods to divide your notebook into sections: by tabs on the right side of the page and by varying the pastel color of paper used in each section. You get anywhere from 4 to 12 sections, depending on if you buy the small, medium or large version of the notebook. The paper in this notebook has a 5 mm x 5 mm grid, so if you write small you can get a lot of notes into one notebook! For more information check out our detailed review of Clairefontaine Multiple Subject Notebooks.

Clairefontaine Multiple Subject Notebook - Medium

Clairefontaine Multiple Subject Notebook – Medium

Clairefontaine Twinbooks

Clairefontaine Twinbooks have extra white 90g paper that’s divided into two sections by 2 tabs cut into the right side of the paper. These notebooks are side-staple bound so they have a slim profile and there are no wires or discs to get in the way – great for left-handed writers! They come with either a 5 mm grid or ruled paper.

Clairefontaine Twinbook

Clairefontaine Twinbook

Clairefontaine Wirebound Notebook with Pockets

Clairefontaine Notebooks with Pockets are divided into three sections of 20 pages by 3 dividers that have 2 storage pockets – one on each side of the divider. These pockets are handy for storing paper receipts, notes, tickets, business cards or whatever slips of paper come your way each day. These medium size notebooks have micro-perforated pages so you can neatly remove them from your notebook. Available with tan, black, red, green, blue or multi-color covers.

Clairefontaine Medium Size Notebooks with Pockets

Clairefontaine Medium Size Notebooks with Pockets

What are your favorite space-saving notebooks?


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Back to School 2016 for Stationery Lovers

Back to school for students who love stationery is an exciting time that means backpacks full of shiny, fresh school supplies with that brand-new stationery smell! Here are some of our favorite supplies for your stationery fix in the new school year.

Clairefontaine Side-Staple Notebook

Clairefontaine Side-Staple Notebook

Clairefontaine Notebooks

Clairefontaine notebooks rock some of the best paper in the world for writing! This paper has a super smooth coating on it that reduces writing fatigue by allowing your pen to easily glide across the page. The quality of the paper minimizes any instances of ink bleeding through or showing through the paper which allows you to write on both sides of each page. Clairefontaine notebooks are especially awesome if you like to write with a fountain pen. There’s a huge variety of notebook styles and sizes from Clairefontaine, we’ll mention a few of our favorites here and you can check out the rest yourself.

LAMY Safari Fountain Pen in Blue

LAMY Safari Fountain Pen in Blue

LAMY Safari Fountain Pens and Pelikano Fountain Pens

A fountain pen is the perfect companion to go along with your Clairefontaine notebooks. Fountain pens help with writing fatigue by reducing the friction required to write and Clairefontaine paper has a satin smooth surface to reduce the fatigue even more. If you’re going to spend a lot of time writing you may as well enjoy it! For school or college purposes we would recommend a pen that’s not too expensive that can be filled with washable blue ink cartridges (more info on that in a moment). When you’re on the go, ink cartridges are easier to use than bottled ink and both the LAMY Safari and Pelikan Pelikano have washable blue ink cartridges with a decent ink capacity: LAMY Blue ink cartridges or Pelikan Royal Blue giant ink cartridges.

Pelikan Super Pirat Ink Eradicator 

The Super Pirat Ink Eradicator can erase mistakes made when writing with royal blue fountain pen inks and then you use the blue correction tip to correct the mistake. This correction pen is a fantastic addition to your fountain pen and Clairefontaine paper. If you’re wondering how it works take a look at this blog post: What is the Pelikan Super Pirat Ink Eradicator?

Quo Vadis Academic Planners for 2016-17

Academic planners are special because their dates correspond to the school year instead of the calendar year. They begin with the month of July or August and end with the month of July in the following year. Quo Vadis offers a variety of high quality planners and covers to keep even the busiest students organized.

  • Textagenda Daily Student Planner
  • Minister Weekly Student Planner – fountain pen friendly
  • University Pocket Size Student Planner
  • Scholar Weekly Student Planner – fountain pen friendly, open format
  • Monthly 4 18-month Monthly Planner

Clairefontaine Multiple Subject Notebooks

Clairefontaine Multiple Subject Notebooks get their own mention because they accomplish more than one purpose. In addition to tabbed, different colors of paper to keep your notes on different subjects organized, they also help save on space and weight to minimize the number of supplies you need to carry with you. These multiple subject notebooks have paper with a 5mm x 5mm grid so if you happen to have small handwriting you can get a lot of notes on one page. Clairefontaine Multiple Subject Notebooks are available in small, medium and large sizes.

Uni-ball Jetstream 3 Multicolor Ballpoint Pen

If you’re not into fountain pens, check out the space saving, smooth writing Uni-ball Jetstream 3 Multicolor Ballpoint Pen. It conveniently gives you 3 choices of ink color in one pen body. The pen comes with blue, black and red ink ink cartridges with a 0.7mm tip but can be refilled with any colors you wish. The pen is available with your choice of a pink, light blue, lime green, black or transparent body.

Aston Leather or Clairefontaine Leather Pen & Pencil Cases

Carry your writing instruments in style with a leather zippered pen and pencil pouch from Aston Leather or Clairefontaine. Both cases are reasonably priced and durable enough to last for years.

What are your favorite new school supplies to buy at the beginning of the school year?

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New! Clairefontaine Notebook with Numbered Pages

Clairefontaine Paginated Notebook

Clairefontaine Paginated Notebook

If you have the need to refer back to specific notes at a future date after you’ve written them, the Clairefontaine My Essential paginated notebook is a useful organizational tool. It’s similar to some other notebooks in the Clairefontaine Basics series (Age-Bag in Europe), but it has it’s own special features that make it unique.

Clairefontaine Paginated Notebook

Clairefontaine Paginated Notebook – numbered pages

Besides the fantastic paper, the most important features of this notebook are the numbered pages and table of contents. The first numbered page starts with a 1 in the lower right corner and continues all the way to 184 on the final page. In front of the numbered pages is an eight page table of contents for keeping track of what’s in your notes and where. Each page in the table of contents has 24 lines to write in a page number and a subject.

Clairefontaine Paginated Notebook

Clairefontaine Paginated Notebook – table of contents

This notebook contains ruled paper with an 8 mm space between the lines. The lines and numbers are printed in a pale grey color and there is a header box on the top of each page to write in a title, date or whatever else you can think of. The lines do not go all the way to the edge of each page.

Clairefontaine Paginated Notebook

Clairefontaine Paginated Notebook – date and title space

The ivory colored paper in the My Essential notebook is 90 g – similar or the same as the paper in Rhodia Webnotebooks. It is extremely smooth to help your pen glide across the page. It works great with fountain pens and there is very little (if any) ink that feathers, bleeds through or shows through the page. You can easily use both sides of each page without worry (see the results of our writing test at the end of this post). The paper is acid-free and PEFC certified.

Clairefontaine Paginated Notebook

Clairefontaine Paginated Notebook – perforated pages in back

The last 8 sheets in the notebook (pages 169 to 184) are microperforated along the inside margin so they can be removed if you want. The notebook binding is stitched to keep the pages from falling out, so these microperforated sheets are handy if you need to remove a single piece of paper. The stitched binding allows you to open the notebook and have it lay flat on your desk.

Clairefontaine Paginated Notebook

Clairefontaine Paginated Notebook – pocket

Inside the front and the back covers is a small corner pocket handy for holding a few notes, receipts or business cards. It’s about 4″ x 4″ in size with a rounded corner and it is not expandable. The pages in the notebook also have rounded corners.

The My Essentials paginated notebook has a matching elastic strap to keep it closed and one matching ribbon bookmark. The endsheets match the ivory color of the paper. I’m not sure what the weight of the endsheet paper is other than it is heavier than the 90 g paper inside. The front endsheet has a few lines to write in your name or other information. The back endsheet has some printed information about Clairefontaine.

Clairefontaine Paginated Notebook

Clairefontaine Paginated Notebook – red cover

This notebook is A5 size, or about 6″ x 8.25.” The cover is made from textured hardboard, the same as the cover material used for other Clairefontaine Basics notebooks. It’s semi-flexible, and this particular notebook does not have a cloth spine. The cover is plain except for an embossed Clairefontaine logo in the lower right of the front cover. Currently the cover colors include Black, Tan, Red, Green and Blue.

What would you use the Clairefontaine “My Essential” Paginated Notebook for? Recipes? College notes? Travel Journal? Meeting notes? Labs?

Clairefontaine Paginated Notebook Writing Test - Front

Clairefontaine Paginated Notebook Writing Test – Front

Clairefontaine Paginated Notebook Writing Test - Back

Clairefontaine Paginated Notebook Writing Test – Back

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Dot Grid Paper is Here to Stay

2010 is when Rhodia first introduced us to the dotPad: a familiar Rhodia bloc filled with a paper unfamiliar to many, dot grid. What is this dot grid paper you say? Instead of lines or graphs or nothing at all this paper has a grid of tiny dots that guide your writing, notes and sketches. It feels less cluttered than lined or graph paper, but it still provides a subtle way to organize where to place things on the page.

The original dot grid paper offered by Rhodia is 80g bright white with a 5 mm x 5 mm grid of pale violet dots. The following year, in 2011, Rhodia brought us Webbies with 90g ivory paper and a 5 mm x 5 mm grid of pale grey dots. Both of these types of paper live up to Rhodia’s high standard of quality and are fountain pen friendly.

Clairefontaine Graf it Dot Grid Sketch Books

Clairefontaine Graf it Dot Grid Sketch Books

For those of you who like to do your drawings and notes with a pencil, Clairefontaine created Graf it Sketch Pads with 90g dot grid sketchbook paper. They have matte textured paper with a bit of tooth to it, making it especially suitable for drawing with pencil. We stock both the large and medium size sketchbooks.

When it comes to dot grid paper, another company worth noting is Leuchtturm1917 from Germany. They have many colors of classic hardcover and softcover journals that include 80g off-white dot grid paper. These notebooks have numbered pages and a table of contents to help you find your notes. (We’re expecting more to arrive in July.)

Leuchtturm1917 also has a Whitelines Link journal that contains light grey paper with a subtle 5mm grid of off-white dots to guide you while you are sketching or writing. The dotted background disappears when you copy, scan or fax this paper. Handwritten sketches and notes can be digitalized using a smartphone app with automatic capture and then the dots disappear. Pretty high tech for a notebook!

Dot grid notebooks first arrived in our shop way back in 2010 and they have been best sellers ever since. What’s your favorite dot grid notebook?



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