What is French Ruled Paper?



Simply put, French ruled or Séyès paper is the standard lined paper used by students in France. It is as commonly used in France as college ruled paper is used in the USA.

French ruled paper consists of an 8mm x 8mm grid, with lighter or thinner horizontal lines spaced 2mm apart inside the main grid. There is a left margin, as well as some space without the horizontal lines at the top and bottom of the page.

This paper is useful for students to learn French cursive, and is an excellent tool for anyone wanting to learn cursive writing, to improve their handwriting or practice calligraphy.

The vertical grid lines are useful to add a nice visual form to written essays etc. Indentations, such as at the beginning of a paragraph, can be kept consistent using these vertical lines.

Besides using this paper for regular writing and note taking, I have heard that some people use this paper to record lab results, do bookkeeping, create matrices, as well as creating grading rubrics. Others use it because they love paper with very narrow lines. I can’t help but thinking that this would be good paper for creating crossword or sudoku puzzles, or maybe even for practicing Chinese or Korean writing. Whatever you want to use it for, Writer’s Bloc now has an expanded line of Clairefontaine’s French Ruled paper. Why not think outside the lines and give it a try to see why so many people love it!

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2, Rouge Polypro Notebook

Atomic Soda Minilabo Outer Space

First of all, can I point out that the covers of the Atomic Soda Minilabo and 2 Rouge polypro (short for polypropelene) notebooks are absolutely hilarious? Look at the eyes on that little green alien! I am actually using the "Love" notebook, which states, "product necessary for love." I’m not totally sure what it means, but it’s funny. Really, I fell in love with these notebooks for their covers alone.

Turns out, the cover is only the beginning of how GREAT these notebooks are. The big spiral binding is ultra durable, never snags, and very practical. I use this notebook to take notes, sometimes in places where tables are not readily available so the spiral binding and plastic cover makes writing in my lap totally comfortable. The pages of the notebook are lined on one side and blank on the other, which obviously means you can write and/or draw, but it can be used other ways too. I’ve been using it so that I take notes from a talk or meeting on the lined side, and then use the blank side to write down how I can apply the information to myself. It’s like having a sectioned notebook, but even more convenient! Finally the paper is great. It’s thick and smooth, but not too glossy, which is great for writing with any kind of pen (even the free ones from your insurance agent or school secretary). Overall I am a BIG fan of this notebook cute, funny, and totally practical, what more could a girl ask for?

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“Her Words” Composition Notebook

Her Words That's The Way It Is

I have been using the Her Words notebook (part of the Live Inspired collection by Compendium) for a few weeks now, and I must say I am quite fond of it. I use it as my notebook for work so it is packed with notes and ideas written in dozens of different inks. So far the paper has performed fairly well. The only ink that has bleed through is a dark blue ink from a fountain pen that writes wet, otherwise all gel pens, dark pencils, and other inks have stayed where they were meant to be. The college ruled lines are perfect for my medium-small sized handwriting, and the narrow margins allow for maximum page use, which is important to me. Finally, I love that it is lightweight but super durable. I have thrown it in bags, backpacks, and even the backseat of my car, but the semi-hard cover has kept it from harm. In fact, it still really looks brand new! I would definitely recommend this notebook to any of my girlfriends, especially the ones that enjoy inspirational quotes and pretty designs.


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Rhodia Treasure Box Winner

Thanks to all who participated in our Rhodia Treasure Box giveaway. There are many of you that love Rhodia and we appreciate all of your comments! We enjoyed reading your thoughts about which Rhodia products you use and why, as well as what your wish lists are.

The winner is Jill who posted a comment on February 10th. Congratulations Jill!

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Compendium Reporter Style Notebook Review

Compendium is a Seattle-based company that has a line of inspiring, fresh and design-rich products including notebooks. I recently got my hands on the Hmm… Reporter Style Notebook and wondered how practical this notebook style would be and how suitable it would be for fountain pen use.

This notebook is 3.75” W x 5.5” H which is a nice size to fit in your purse and pocket. The elastic is snappy enough to keep the notebook securely closed and it is orange which is one of my favorite colors! The textured hard cover is a nice firm surface that allows me to write easily even when there is no desk or table nearby. The binding is sewn so the pages do not fall out and the pages open easily. As a left-handed writer I also appreciate that there are no spirals or rings or bulky binding to get in the way of my writing!

The paper is smooth and heavy weight, and in the Hmm… Notebook it is a nice ivory color with subtle pink dotted lines that are a nice guide, but aren’t overpowering. On the bottom of random pages there are some inspiring and some humorous quotes such as "You’re only given a spark of madness. You musn’t lose it." by Robin Williams and "Ideas come from everywhere. Be open to them." by Alfred Hitchcock. For those of you that prefer blank pages, other designs of the Compendium Reporter Style Notebook are available with blank paper.

Compendium’s heavy weight paper performed pretty well with fountain pens. There was no feathering and no see-through with my fountain pens, however, there was some bleed-through when I used a medium LAMY nib along with a very wet LAMY ink flow. The other fine or medium fountain pens I used with Noodlers, Platinum Preppy or Pelikan ink had no bleed-through and I could easily write smoothly on both sides of the paper.

Being left-handed I am rather particular about my pens and paper am often underwhelmed at their performance. For a long time I had no urge to try anything new since I wouldn’t like it anyway. Since I’ve been working at Writer’s Bloc I’ve realized there are pens and paper out there that I can actually enjoy. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed using fine tip gel pens with this notebook. The fine tips did not poke through the paper, the gel pens wrote smoothly and did not skip. I think the Pentel Slicci was my favorite pen to use in combination with Compendium’s Reporter Style Notebook. Would I buy this notebook again? Yes!

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