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Aurora Fountain Pen Hidden Reservoir System – Writer's Bloc Blog

Aurora Fountain Pen Hidden Reservoir System

Check out this detailed diagram (courtesy of Aurora Pens, Italy) revealing the structure of an Aurora Fountain Pen.

An interesting and unique feature of many fountain pens made by Aurora is referred to in this picture: the hidden reservoir system. (However, it seems the diagram above should be pointing to the piston to indicate the hidden reservoir.) Instead of having a flat bottom as most pistons do, the bottom of the Aurora piston has a small indented chamber that holds extra ink. When your ink seems to have run out, turning the piston counter-clockwise all the way down to the feed will push the ink contained in this small chamber into the feed of the fountain pen. Aurora’s handy hidden reservoir system gives you an extra page or so of writing before you have to refill!

Close-up of the feed on an Aurora fountain pen. There is a small “post” that sticks out.

A small reservoir hidden in the bottom of the piston contains extra ink.

Turn the piston counter-clockwise all the way down to the feed to force the extra ink into the feed.

The hidden ink reservoir is now empty, allowing you to write another page. A feature unique to Aurora fountain pens.

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4 Replies to “Aurora Fountain Pen Hidden Reservoir System”

  1. Hi Sherry,
    Refilling a piston fill barrel fountain pen is very similar to filling a fountain pen with a piston converter. Here are some illustrations that might help:
    The difference is – for a piston fill barrel fountain pen there is no need to take the pen apart. All you need to do is immerse the nib in the ink and twist the knob on the end of the pen. Hope this helps!

  2. How do you clean it? As you try to flush the ink out with water, does ink/water get trapped in the hidden reservoir?

  3. Hi Jim,
    There is really nothing special about how you clean this kind of pen – just clean it the way you would any other piston-fill fountain pen. As you twist the piston down it will push the water out of the reservoir just like it pushes out the ink.

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