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Aurora Fountain Pen Links – Writer's Bloc Blog

Aurora Fountain Pen Links

We love Aurora fountain pens! Here are some of our favorite Aurora links:

First, this is a great video on how Aurora pens are made.

Blogger Lady Dandelion takes a great snapshot of an Aurora Talentum in fire engine red.

Bleubug has some interesting information about a cool vintage Aurora 98 fountain pen with a piston filling knob that extends from and retracts into the barrel with a “click”.

Rhodia Drive "What’s Your Favorite Pen" has a nice photo of the bright & sunny yellow Aurora Ipsilon.

Of course, we have to mention the Aurora Pens Italy website, the mothership of all Aurora pens. See anything you like that we don’t have in our shop? Send us an email and perhaps we can special order it for you.

You’ll find a selection of our favorite Aurora fountain pens at Writer’s Bloc. What’s your favorite Aurora pen?

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3 Replies to “Aurora Fountain Pen Links”

  1. An excellent video. It is nice to see the amount of human interaction and work done in conjunction with computerized equipment to produce a superior writing instrument.

  2. Very interesting to see how different people’s experiences are with the same make pen. My new Talentum has not worked out well. The plastic used in the feed and grip has cracked within the 1st year. Whereas the first one I had lasted many years with no problems. Within the past few years Aurora has made a few managerial changes. Not all of them have worked out well.

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