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Drawing with Noodler’s Nightshade Fountain Pen Ink – Writer's Bloc Blog

Drawing with Noodler’s Nightshade Fountain Pen Ink

I’ve been wanting to try drawing with a very dark brown fountain pen ink and decided to choose Noodler’s Ink Nightshade as my first experiment. In the barrel of my eyedropper fill Preppy Fountain Pen this ink actually looks like a very dark purple, but on the white paper in my Clairefontaine Drawing Pad it looks more like a brown-black. I found that I had to slow down my sketching a bit with the fine nib of the Preppy Pen and the flow rate of the Nightshade, but overall I am quite satisfied with the results. What do you think? What are your favorite fountain pen inks to use for sketching?

From Drawing with Fountain Pen Ink
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5 Replies to “Drawing with Noodler’s Nightshade Fountain Pen Ink”

  1. My favorite sketching ink so far is Noodler’s Bulletproof Black ink — slightly diluted with water for better flow and faster drying time — in a Kaweco Sport fountain pen. It lets me achieve very crisp and dark lines without affecting my speed or approach. I am also developing a great fondness for Noodler’s Lexington Gray ink, also in a Kaweco Sport fountain pen; I like its softer color and its wonderful flow.

  2. Hi Sheryl,
    Your drawings are great!
    Thanks for the ideas. I’m going to try diluting the Nightshade slightly to see what happens. I’ve also been wondering if the Lexington Gray looks somewhat like a pencil sketch even though it is ink. Do you have any pictures on your website that are done using Lexington Gray?

  3. Boy, that is a really good drawing! Are you a professional illustrator? I do like that shade of ink.

  4. I’m not a professional illustrator, just an amateur doodler. I really like the color of this ink too, especially on off-white or ivory colored paper.

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