Fountain Pen Basics: What is a Fountain Pen Feed?

What is a fountain pen feed? Simply put, it is the part of the pen that “feeds” ink to the nib so that you can write. By means of capillary action the ink travels from the ink cartridge, converter or ink reservoir through the feed to the nib. In turn, the feed allows air to flow back into the ink reservoir. The feed is usually made of plastic or hard rubber and it can differ in design from fountain pen to fountain pen. It is what the nib is attached to or is resting on. If you have a clear demonstrator fountain pen you can see that the feed often has many small fins or ridges on it. Here are some photos of a variety of fountain pen feeds:

Delta Italiana Fountain Pen - Matte Brown, Gold Plated Trim, Medium
You can clearly see the black feed when you look at the back side of the nib on this Delta Italiana Fountain Pen.
Platinum Preppy Fountain Pens
You can see the grey feed next to the nibs through the clear barrel of these Platinum Preppy Fountain Pens.
Stipula Tuscany Dreams Peposo Fountain Pen
Front of the nib & the feed behind the nib – Stipula Tuscany Dreams Peposo Fountain Pen.


Pilot Metal Falcon Fountain Pen
Front of the nib and back of the nib showing the feed – Pilot Metal Falcon Fountain Pen.


Platinum 3776 Century Fountain Pen - Black, Extra Fine Nib
Front of the nib and back of the nib showing the feed – Platinum 3776 Century Fountain Pen.
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