How to Care For Your LAMY Fountain Pen

To keep a fountain pen functioning properly it needs to be cleaned from time to time. When ink comes into contact with air it dries out and can prevent ink from flowing freely in your fountain pen. To avoid any unwanted chemical reactions, it’s a good idea to clean your fountain pen well before switching to a different ink. If you aren’t going to be using a fountain pen for awhile, before storing it a good cleaning is a must. When LAMY pens are cared for and maintained properly, in the USA LAMY offers a life-time warranty. So what is the recommended way to clean a LAMY pen? We found the following helpful tips on the LAMY website:

Warning: Do not use any kind of detergent when washing your pen. After you have cleaned it, dry the front part thoroughly and drain it completely using an absorbent piece of material.

Piston Pen

If the ink supply channel becomes encrusted, rinse the pen several times with clean water. The piston mechanism is easy to rinse effectively. It does not become encrusted so quickly because the device cleans itself automatically every time you fill it.

Cartridge Pen

If the ink supply channel becomes encrusted, soak the entire front part in clean water until the encrusted ink is dissolved. You can also wash it out under warm, running water or add a converter and rinse through several times.

Fountain Pen with Converter

Fit the converter and rinse with water. Repeat this procedure as often as necessary until the water you use for cleaning runs out clear.

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