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How to Install a LAMY Converter – Writer's Bloc Blog

How to Install a LAMY Converter

The LAMY converter has been carefully designed to help it stay securely attached to your LAMY fountain pen. When used correctly, this can help prevent accidents from leaking ink.

LAMY converter – notice the 2 small plastic nubs in this picture – one pointing up and the other pointing down.

The converter can fit in the pen with the nubs facing this way, but this does not help to secure the converter.

The nubs are designed to fit into these slots on the main part of the pen. This helps to keep the converter securely in place.

LAMY pen with converter securely in place.

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12 Replies to “How to Install a LAMY Converter”

  1. I’m glad you posted this today, because I recently got a Lamy pen and have been using the cartridge that came with it — but I got a converter too and will soon need to install that properly. Thanks, and Happy New Year.

  2. My converter doesn’t have the nubs. I think it’s a Z26 instead of a Z24. It still works though. I just keep an eye on it to make sure it’s not slipping out.

  3. Thanks John! Yes you are correct that this is the LAMY Z24 converter that we are using as an example. Let us know if you happen to have any problems with the Z26.

  4. I just installed the converter for the first time right now. Seems to be working well. I did install it incorrectly at first, but then I came across this diagram, and now it’s installed properly. Thanks for the tip!
    And yes, I just sucked up the ink by dipping the nib right into the bottle.

  5. The converter also makes cleaning the pen much easier: just immerse the whole nib unit in warm water and use the converter to run water in and out of it. One tip: before re-inking the pen make sure all the water is out of it.

  6. Quick, related questions:
    1) My converter is installed correctly but, for some reason, it seems to suck in air bubbles along with ink (I refill by dipping the nib in the ink bottle). Does anyone else have this problem?
    2) Even though I store the pen with the nib pointed up, a bit of ink pools between the nib & the pen. When I pick up the pen to write, I end up with ink on my hands. Any suggestions for this one?
    — Ben

  7. Hi Ben,
    To try and reduce the air bubbles when you are refilling your pen, fill it with ink once, then turn the converter to empty it. After that fill it a second time and be sure to do this slowly, keeping the nib dipped in the ink for awhile before removing it.
    As for your second question, we don’t know what would be causing this problem. If you feel your pen is defective you can send it to LAMY. They have a lifetime warranty. Here is LAMY’s USA email address in case you need it:

  8. Hi there,
    I have a Lamy cp1 pen with a Z26 converter that doesn’t fit at all. I’m really confused, because it seems as though the converters should easily snap into the pen, and mine isn’t even close to fitting. The opening is way too small to fit on the pen. Is it completely faulty and should I just buy a new one, or am I missing a step?

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