Introduction to TWSBI Fountain Pens

TWSBI Diamond 540 Fountain Pens

Ta Shin Precision is a Taiwanese company that spent 40 years manufacturing metal and plastic parts for other companies before deciding to create their own brand that we now know as TWSBI. Their manufacturing experience includes making high-end writing instruments, which really shows when you examine TWSBI pens.

One of the first things I wondered when I heard about TWSBI is where did they get their name? They explain this interesting name on the TWSBI website:

“TWSBI’s name stands for the phrase “Hall of Three Cultures” or “San Wen Tong” in Chinese. The character “Wen” translates into language and culture. The phrase “San Wen Tong” also brings to mind the Hall of the Three Rare Treasures created by Emperor Qianlong as a memorial to three great masterpieces of Chinese calligraphy. The initials of the phrase “San Wen Tong” was reversed and thus turned into “TWS”. The last letters “Bi” was added with its literal meaning of “writing instruments”. Thus combining the two segments, creating TWSBI.”

Before the TWSBI brand was developed, the company made its first fountain pen – The Montesa Venezia which is a lacquer fountain pen with chrome trim. They have been passionate and experienced manufacturers of fine writing instruments since 1989.

TWSBI set out to create traditional writing instruments that people in this modern, fast-paced world could use to slow down, appreciate the little things, and enjoy life. They communicated closely with the community of fountain pen users, compiled their wish-lists, and came up with the TWSBI Diamond 530 – a classic fountain pen with a piston ink-filling system. In addition to being very affordable, this pen could be disassembled piece by piece. Replacement or extra parts were made available on Ebay. It functioned like fountain pens that were much more expensive and its clear body gave it a sophisticated, modern industrial look. The result was that writers around the world fell in love with this pen!

Of course, TWSBI didn’t stop there and has continued to improve and develop exciting new products. We very much look forward to TWSBI’s future pen offerings! Writer’s Bloc is happy to announce that we have a supply of the TWSBI Diamond 540 Demonstrator Fountain Pen.


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  1. Hi, nice post up there. I love this pen too. There are two points that I like about them. TWSBI can be completely disassemble / reassemble and the other point is their transparent body. I love see through fountain pen. They look elegant

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