Is it really cheaper to use bottled ink?


We found a very interesting comparison regarding the cost of using bottled ink vs. the cost of using ink cartridges tucked inside a Noodler’s Ink box and wanted to share this helpful information with you.

According to research done by Noodler’s a 4.5 oz bottle of their ink has the amount of ink equal to $72.94 worth of the least costly retail ink cartridges in the world. When you consider that in June 2009 Writer’s Bloc sells Noodler’s 4.5 oz bottles for between $17.50 and $19.00, this is around a $55.44 savings over using even the cheapest cartridges! In addition, Noodler’s Ink has a reputation for being good quality, is safe for all fountain pens and comes in a wide range of colors, which is something you might not get using those cheap cartridges.

Quotes obtained by Noodler’s Ink in January 2009 reveal that the ink in cartridges from some European, Japanese and North American companies sells for $148.00 per 4.5 oz and even well over $315.00 per 4.5 oz of ink. That is some outrageously expensive ink!

Using bottled ink when you can just makes sense – it is easier on the environment and it is by far a much better deal than ink cartridges!


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6 Replies to “Is it really cheaper to use bottled ink?”

  1. You also can’t mix cartridge inks, really…
    Also a ton of vintage fountain pens only fill from a bottle. Vacumatic, plunger fill, the Aerometric(sp?) fill, the eyedropper filler pens…all fantastic pens, only fill from bottles. I have mostly cartridge fillers, so I still use bottles, but they just make sense. Also, the ink lasts forever and ever and ever.

  2. Not all noodlers are safe for all FPs and depending on the colors there are variations in lots.
    On the whole bottle inks are cheaper than carts. But Noodler’s isn’t the cheapest or best ink out there.

  3. There is, of course, one important caveat in this analysis. You actually have to use a significant portion of the bottled ink. Don’t get me wrong – I’m totally down with bottled ink and the potential savings. But, if you don’t actually use most of the bottle the cost savings isn’t realized. If you find an ink you love and are willing to dedicate yourself to using then, by all means, do the bottle thing. If not, go with cartridges and toss them in the recycling bin when they’re empty.

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