A Dozen Inks to Match Your Neon Coral LAMY Safari Fountain Pen

LAMY Safari Neon Coral & Matching Fountain Pen Inks
LAMY Safari Neon Coral & Matching Fountain Pen Inks

The Neon Coral LAMY Safari Fountain Pen is the new collectable limited edition color for the year 2014. What a vivacious, lively color this is! If you’re the fun-loving type that likes to match your ink to your colorful fountain pens, what color of ink could you choose to match the Neon Coral Safari?

The obvious choice would be the special new LAMY T10 fountain pen ink cartridges with coral colored ink! If you would rather use bottled ink what choices do you have? We’ve come up with a dozen ideas in varying shades for you shown in the photo above (actual colors will vary from what will be displayed on your electronic device).

Left column, top to bottom:

Right column, top to bottom:

If you’re not a fan of matching your ink to the bright color of the Neon Coral Safari, we do have some suggestions for contrasting ink colors. We especially love navy blue or blue-black ink with this pen, but would also suggest black or grey ink. Even a dark brown ink such as J. Herbin’s Cacao du Bresil would be nice. What color of ink do you like to use with the Neon Coral Safari Fountain Pen?


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