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Our Best Selling Fountain Pen Under $50.00 – Writer's Bloc Blog

Our Best Selling Fountain Pen Under $50.00

It probably comes as no surprise to many of our readers that the LAMY Safari is our best selling fountain pen under $50.00. Whether you are considering buying your very first fountain pen, or are looking for a good daily writer, this might be just the pen you are looking for. It’s the right combination of an inexpensive price combined with very good quality. What makes the LAMY Safari fountain pen so popular?

  • Quality stainless steel nib is available in extra-fine, fine, medium and broad
  • Nib is easy to exchange and can be purchased separately
  • Calligraphy nibs in 1.1mm, 1.5mm and 1.9mm are also available for the Safari
  • A converter can be purchased separately that allows you to use bottled ink
  • The LAMY Safari comes in many colors ranging from bright & fun to conservative
  • Durable ABS plastic body
  • Ink window allows you to see when your ink level is running low
  • Specially designed ergonomic grip
  • Large clip allows you to attach this pen to many places
  • Extra parts are available from LAMY USA
  • MSRP is now $35.00, but it can be purchased for less at many stores including Writer’s Bloc

If you’re wondering what other writers think of the LAMY Safari, here are a few quotes from the plethora of online reviews:

Brian at Office Supply Geek says: “The thing that makes the Lamy Safari such a great beginner fountain pen in my opinion is not only that it offers quality and flexibility with a very smooth writing experience, but it is also a pen that you will want to use regardless of what other fountain pens you have around.”

John from Coffee-Stained Memos concludes: “I highly recommend the Lamy Safari to anyone wishing to take the plunge into fountain pen writing. In fact, I would recommend this pen to anyone who likes fountain pens.”

Brad at Miscellany & Cacophony discusses in detail the design of the LAMY Safari and concludes: “Now, if you don’t have a Lamy Safari, go get one! And if you already have one, get another! You won’t regret it.”

Do you own one or more LAMY Safaris? What do you think of this popular fountain pen? What is your favorite Safari color?

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3 Replies to “Our Best Selling Fountain Pen Under $50.00”

  1. I recently purchased a Lamy Safari as my second fountain pen. (My first is a Platinum Plaisir). I was surprised by the size of the Safari! It is much larger than I had thought judging by photos on websites. It is actually larger than my Platinum Plaisir which, heretofore was, I thought, large! It is a very smooth writer even with the fine nib. I am still getting acquainted with it having had it but 10 days. Mine is the white with a black nib. I think it looks clean and crisp. I am using a proprietary blue ink cartridge but did buy the Lamy converter.

  2. I have purchased four or five Lamy Safari fountain pens. The sculpted finger grip area makes this pen surprisingly easy on my arthritic hand. I can write forever. I forget how important this is, until I try writing with a different pen, one that I need to Work to use (wider grip and more pressure seem to be the things that limit my comfortable writing time). My adult son absconded with my first Lamy when I visited him in South America. It is his go to pen, too, as he sketches and draws continually. Consistent flow. Beautiful line. We both use Noodlers bullet proof black ink. Great combination.

    1. Hi Gretchen,

      Thanks for sharing your experience with the LAMY Safari fountain pen. I’m glad to hear that the grip section makes writing easy for you!

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