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Pelikano Pen Cartridge Tips – Writer's Bloc Blog

Pelikano Pen Cartridge Tips

Occasionally we hear from some of you that short universal ink cartridges come loose inside your Pelikano rollerball or Pelikano fountain pens. There is an easy solution, and it is to place 2 universal cartridges in the pen barrel instead of just one. The trick is that the extra cartridge that is not attached to the feed or main part of the pen needs to be placed in the barrel "upside down", or in other words with the narrow end pointing away from the nib. This extra cartridge prevents the cartridge that is attached to the pen from coming off. You can rinse the ink out of a used universal cartridge and use this for the extra cartridge, or you can use a new full ink cartridge and this way you’ll have spare ink in case you need it.

Another solution is to use Pelikan 4001 Giant Ink Cartridges or Pelikan GRP/5 Roller Pen Ink Cartridges since their much longer size helps to keep them in place.

This trick can also be used with J. Herbin’s refillable rollerball pens. Hope this helps!

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2 Replies to “Pelikano Pen Cartridge Tips”

  1. Since I use bottled ink anyways, I bought some Waterman long cartridges online, about 10 of them, because after 9-ish refills with the cartridge that came with the pen, the end that connects is looking a little worn/warped, but The cartridges fit perfectly! because the pen is a red clear pen(Pelikan Pelikano Jr.), I don’t like the idea of putting catridges in it back-to-back.

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