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Platinum President Fountain Pen Review – Writer's Bloc Blog

Platinum President Fountain Pen Review

I’ve been mostly using Pelikan fountain pens with forgiving, rounded, left-handed nibs lately, and decided it was time for a change. Platinum Pens is known for making high-quality nibs, and I felt a good place to start would be their flagship fountain pen, the President, with an attractive 18K gold fine nib.

Platinum Pens is a Japanese pen maker, so their fine nib size is more like an extra fine in a LAMY or Pelikan nib. I normally have medium-size handwriting and I wanted to see how small, but still legible, I could write. This nib is amazing for small handwriting and narrow rule paper! I think it even made my handwriting look better than usual. And to think for years I was stuck in the rut of writing only with medium ballpoint pens because the fine ballpoints tended to poke through the bad quality of paper I used (or wouldn’t write at all) and I had given up finding other pens that I wouldn’t smear.

The President fountain pen took me a little while to get used to since the nib is so much finer than the nibs I’ve been using lately and the grip is smooth, without the “training wheels” of the ergonomic grip that some pens have. However, once I figured out the best way to hold it we became fast friends and I’m not sure if it is my imagination but the pen seemed to write smoother and smoother as I went along.

Even though the fine nib is very fine, the Platinum President fountain pen puts down a lot of ink. I went through ink more quickly than I first I thought I would. I did have to make an adjustment in the paper I used once I switched to a Noodler’s ink that dried slowly. Instead of 90g Clairefontaine paper, the 80g Exacompta Basics paper seemed to absorb the ink a tiny bit and allowed it to dry more quickly so I was able to avoid smearing. It would have been nice if this pen had been designed with a piston filling system so that it could hold more ink than the converter does. Regular Platinum cartridges do seem to hold more ink than their converter, but I tend to like ink in unusual colors.

Another nice thing about the President fountain pen is that it takes a very light touch to write with it. I am sure it will take me years to un-train myself from using the ballpoint pen “death grip”, but it will be worth it! Definitely less writing fatigue. I have small hands and like writing with light-weight pens, so I prefer writing with the cap off of the President. The President I used for this review is a demonstrator, and the material it is made of seems like it would be very durable.

Overall I found the Platinum President fountain pen was a pleasure to use! Members of popular pen forums speak highly of the smoothness of Platinum nibs. Do any of you use Platinum Pens? What has been your experience with Platinum fountain pens?

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