The Platinum Plaisir vs The Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen

The Platinum Plaisir fountain pen makes a frequent appearance in my rotation of daily writing instruments. Since it uses the exact same cartridge/converter filling system, feed section and nib as the Platinum Preppy fountain pen it gets a lot of comparison to the popular Preppy. So why spend the extra money on the Plaisir? Perhaps some of the following observations will help you make your own choice.

First of all, the body and cap of the Plaisir fountain pen are make of a light-weight yet durable anodized aluminum that lasts much longer than the recycled polycarbonate cap and body of the Preppy. The plastic Preppy pen is a great beginner fountain pen with a bargain price of less than $5.00, but it is not meant to be a forever pen. Once in a while I’ll give a Preppy to one my friends who has never tried using a fountain pen. When I ask them later how they like using it, sometimes I find that they have cracked the cap or the barrel and are no longer using the pen. If they genuinely like the experience of using a fountain pen, often I’ll give them an “upgrade” to a Plaisir and have received many positive comments on their new Plaisir pen.

I find the scratch-resistant pearlized finish on the Plaisir fountain pen very attractive. It’s very smooth and I like the way it feels in my hand. Since there are seven color choices, there is a color to suit almost everyone. One of my personal favorites is the bright sports car red, or others might call it a bright lipstick red. The pearlized colors range from a conservative black to a delicate and feminine pink. The Preppy pen has a clear body and cap with a clear but colorful clip and top on the cap. Both fountain pens have nib colors that match the pen color. The steel nib and feed section are interchangeable between pens and the nib performance is generally the same.

The cap of the Plaisir has a special design that allows you to let your fountain pen sit for a long period of time without any use, then to uncap it and begin to write smoothly without any hesitation.  This cap also reduces ink loss due to evaporation. I find that the cap on the Preppy works fairly well at keeping my ink from drying out, but eventually it cracks allowing the pen to dry out. To make the cap on my Preppy pens last longer I usually put a piece of clear tape around the bottom of the cap when it is brand new. Once the cap cracks, the tape will not help.

One advantage of the Preppy pen is that it can easily be converted into an eye dropper fill pen with some silicone grease and an optional rubber o-ring. The polycarbonate barrel of the Preppy does not react with ink (although it is possible that it could be stained by some inks) and it does not have any holes in it which makes it work well as an eye dropper fill. The metal barrel of the Plaisir may chemically react with ink so it is not suitable to be converted into an eye dropper fill pen.

Both the Plaisir and the Preppy have a cartridge/converter filling system which is typical for fountain pens in this price range. These pens must be filled with Platinum ink cartridges since universal/standard ink cartridges will not fit. It makes a lot more sense to use the converter with the Plaisir since the converter costs more than double the price of the Preppy pen. If you don’t want to spend the money on the converter or you don’t want to be limited to using Platinum ink, you can always refill empty cartridges yourself using bottled ink and something like a blunt-tip needle bottle.

So which pen will you choose? What are your thoughts on Plaisir vs Preppy fountain pens?

Plaisir Pros:

Much more durable than the Preppy
Special cap design prevents ink from drying out
Attractive pearlized finish in a choice of 7 different colors

Plaisir Cons:

More expensive than the Platinum Preppy (currently about $20.00)
Cannot be converted into eye dropper fill

Preppy Pros:

Bargain price (less than $5.00)
Can be converted into eye dropper fill

Preppy Cons:

Polycarbonate cap and body can crack over time
Limited pen color options
Converter costs about twice as much as the pen


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7 Replies to “The Platinum Plaisir vs The Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen”

  1. I never come across with Plaisir in any stationery, yet I have a Preppy. I was always wondering the difference between them since they seem to use the same nib. That’s why this article is so much useful for me.
    Thanks a lot

  2. Thanks for this post! I also did a review sometime back on these two pens. It is always nice to see what fellow reviewers feel about the same pens. I love my Plaisir too!

  3. Thanks for this post–I have 7 Preppy pens, and I love them. I had never considered a Plaisir-but now I might have to pick one up! 😀

  4. I have a couple of modified Preppies courtesy of buying large bottles of ink.
    They write well, and they don’t dry out, but the feel of the nib section just doesn’t suit and medium nibs are quite too broad for my writing. Someone with large hands and large handwriting would probably find them very much to taste.
    I use the preppies with colored inks (blue-black and bright blue) for document signatures – I can write larger than I usually do, and since my normal inks are heavy black and the lawyers tell me to sign things in color, I keep the preppies for that.

  5. RCMckee –
    Signing documents with a medium Preppy filled with bright blue ink sounds very satisfying! If you haven’t tried a Preppy with a fine nib yet you’ll have to get one next time. It’s much easier to use for everyday writing. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  6. I haven’t used the plasir, so I have nothing to contribute. I just wanted to say, “YES!” to rcmkee. I was trained at a previous job that you always sign contracts in blue. We were told to never use black because it’s more easily reproduced.
    My current company insists that we always sign in black. It drives me batty.

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