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What is Nib Creep? – Writer's Bloc Blog

What is Nib Creep?

Nib creep is when ink from a fountain pen "creeps" out from between the slit in the nib onto the surface of the nib. According to the experts on The Fountain Pen Network this can happen due to a few different reasons including the type of ink in the pen, the type of metal the nib is made of or a small imperfection in the slit of the nib can be responsible for drawing ink out on to the nib. Some people do not like the way it looks or are concerned about staining something with the excess ink, however, a bit of nib creep does not seriously affect the performance of a fountain pen. I have a fountain pen that has some nib creep that seems to happen most during hot weather, but it does not affect the way it writes. For me, I don’t find a little bit of nib creep to be particularly bothersome.

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6 Replies to “What is Nib Creep?”

  1. I’ve found that the noodlers inks tend to have a lot of nib creep for me. I generally find it annoying because it means I’m much more likely to get ink on the tips of my fingers, which can turn quite annoying… 🙂

  2. People who don’t like seeing nib creep, even though they realize a little of it doesn’t hurt, might consider a Lamy Safari or other pen with a dark nib. The Safari was my first fountain pen, and I never noticed any nib creep until I bought a Lamy AL-Star with a bright steel nib. When I saw the creep on the AL-Star nib, I took a really, really close look at the dark nib on my Safari and, sure enough, there was nib creep there, too. But out of sight, out of mind!

  3. This is useful information. I have a couple of pens given to nib creep, but as you say, it doesn’t have any adverse effects upon the performance of the pen at all. It is reassuring to know this however.

  4. Note Booker, Esq. – Thanks for the suggestion to use a fountain pen with a dark colored nib. Although this wouldn’t solve tuxgirl’s problem of inky fingers!

  5. I use Noodler’s Inks, but never noticed the creep since I use a dark nib. I’m glad you mentioned this point because I’ve been planning on upgrading from the free dark-nibbed Platinum Preppy for a while, so I apperciate the heads-up about the creep (and, OP, for mentioning its harmlessness).

  6. If you listen to everything that folks say about Noodler’s Inks, you would think Noodler’s is responsible for global warming. I have have not had one problem with Noodler’s. I am so happy we have access to it.

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