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What is the Pelikan Super Pirat Ink Eradicator? – Writer's Bloc Blog

What is the Pelikan Super Pirat Ink Eradicator?

Pelikan makes a great tool for fountain pen users called the Super Pirat ink eradicator. This is not an erasable pen, rather, it is a correction pen. The Super Pirat ink eradicator pen is designed with students in mind since it can be used to correct mistakes when you are writing with a fountain pen filled with washable or erasable blue ink. Let me demonstrate…

I’m writing with my LAMY Safari filled with a LAMY blue ink cartridge and I make a mistake!

The white end of the Pelikan Super Pirat ink eradicator neutralizes the blue color of the fountain pen ink and makes it seem invisible. This neutralizing effect continues long after the Super Pirat pen dries on the page so you cannot use blue fountain pen ink to make your correction.

Conveniently, the Super Pirat’s other end has a blue ink pen that is unaffected by the ink neutralizer so it can be used to write in your correction. The Super Pirat’s blue pen is not meant to be used for taking notes, it is only to be used for making corrections.

There are several kinds of readily available, erasable blue fountain pen inks including: LAMY Blue, Pelikan Royal Blue, Aurora Blue, J. Herbin Bleu Myosotis and many many more. Pelikan even makes ink eradicators for pink and purple Pelikan inks, but we have never seen these in the USA. What kind of erasable blue ink do you use?

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6 Replies to “What is the Pelikan Super Pirat Ink Eradicator?”

  1. It brings me back when I was in school! I don’t know about the U.S. but here in Italy they were pretty popular, at least in my school, 20 years or so (I’m dating myself).
    I wonder if it still has the same acrid smell I remember.
    Anyway while the erasing part is really good the blue ink wasn’t really archival and in my old notebooks it started to fade with time.

  2. Such pretty handwriting you have! 🙂 I’m didn’t know Lamy Blue is so close to the ink eradicator’s colour. Thanks!

  3. G.S. – I didn’t notice a bad smell when using the Super Pirat, but that could just be me. Couldn’t see anything on the package that said it was archival.
    Ruby – Thanks for the handwriting compliment! I can only write that way when I write slowly. It’s actually a style called French Cursive.

  4. Gentlemen,
    I use Mont Blanc blue ink which I have cut 60% with filtered water.
    Will your product work in this case?

  5. EA Anderson –
    This ink eradicator pen is made by Pelikan and therefore is only guaranteed by Pelikan to work with Pelikan washable royal blue ink. However, there happen to be many other washable blue fountain pen inks that respond well to this pen. There are some comments on the Fountain Pen Network about this.
    Since ink manufacturers change their ink formulas from time to time you might want to ask Mont Blanc directly if their blue ink is “washable”. We have never tried using the eradicator pen with ink that has been diluted with water. If you decide to try it let us know the results!

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