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Family Fluxx by Looney Labs – Writer's Bloc Blog

Family Fluxx by Looney Labs

Family Fluxx

If you are like me, you don’t have much patience for reading through pages of rules to learn how to play a game, instead you prefer to jump right into it and learn the ropes as you go. So when I first opened the box of Family Fluxx and found that this game only has one rule I was intrigued: draw 1 card and then play 1 card. I think I can handle that, but is it any fun??

The first time I played, the game lasted only about 3 minutes, with my opponent drawing the one card from my hand that would make me win the game. I wondered why the box said that the game lasts from 2-30 minutes, so I guess I got my answer. The second time I played, the game went on for about 1/2 hour. This time frame, plus the compact size of the game itself and the fact that as few as 2 players can play, makes this a very fun way to spend a lunch break!

The only thing that remains the same about Fluxx is that it is always changing! New Rule Cards are constantly played that can void the old rules and in an instant turn the game in your favor or maybe even your opponent’s favor. Action Cards affect what happens on one player’s turn, and Keeper Cards can help you win. The goal of the game changes each time a new Goal Card is played and there are 17 different ways to win. I found this game to be a great diversion and an upbeat way to spend a modest amount of time.

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