Great Games for Travelling

Summer is almost here and so is the peak travel season. One of my favorite vacations is driving to the Oregon coast and renting a beach house that we share with friends. We usually bring several games to play that add to the conversation and enjoyment of our relaxing weekend. Our friends also bring games so we have the chance to play something new.

Games can be a fun way to help you pass the time while travelling on a plane or train. Once you arrive at your destination they can be played on a picnic table by the lake, on a blanket by the campfire, or if it happens to rain, inside your tent or hotel room. Here are a few suggestions for games you might like to play this summer.

Carcassonne Travel Edition by Rio Grande Games is a down-sized, easy to carry version of the original game Carcassonne. The scoring track is cleverly printed on a cloth sack which is also used to carry all of the game pieces. This award winning game is not to difficult to learn and is enjoyed by a wide variety of personalities.

Cards are a classic travel game due to their size and the ability to play them in small places. For a fun, new twist on cards Fluxx by Looney Labs is a fast moving game with ever-changing rules. Fluxx games are usually short, lasting anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes. Fluxx comes in 3 variations – Family Fluxx, Eco Fluxx and the original Fluxx.

Another popular card game that we once observed being played on a train is Bohnanza from Rio Grande Games. This game is all about planting, trading, and selling beans to earn as much gold as possible to win the game. Your bartering skills will be put to the test!

Treehouse Games by Looney Labs
Treehouse Games by Looney Labs

For something a little more three-dimensional but still compact, Treehouse by Looney Labs is a game of abstract strategy with a simple objective that can become challenging very quickly. This game with its colorful pyramids has over 200 variations of how to play so far, and new ways to play can be created on your own.

What games will you be playing on your summer vacation?

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