Back to School 2010

In college all the excitement of Back to School boiled down to finding the best supplies to get some super focused studying done so I could get on with my life. Happily, I graduated this May! In celebration of finally getting out of school, here are my picks and tips for essential college study survival for BACK TO SCHOOL 2010!

Clairefontaine Wirebound Notebook- Large, Ruled w/ Margin, Punched – This notebook is everything you need for versatile note taking. Wire binding lets you flip back and write in your lap when needed, microperforated for a clean and easy tear, and 3-hole-punched if you want to transfer your notes from notebook to binder.

Rhodia Pencils- Hardbox of 25 – Not your little sister’s pencils. These stylish pencils by Rhodia are ergonomically designed and hellooo, cool pencil box for your desk! I highly recommend buying stuff that you will use every day in bulk, it will save you money in the the long run.

Zebra Hyper Jell Set of 10 – Break away from the black, blue, and red pens that blot and smear on the page and leak all over your hand. You can do better. These Zebra pens write comfortably and dry fast enough for even the speediest left-handed notetaker in the class.

Platinum Preppy Highlighters – Books, syllabuses, notebooks, study guides… every piece of paper a college student comes across is likely to be highlighted on at some point in time. These refillable highlighters are easier on your wallet and on the environment because you can refill the ink and replace the tips as needed for many semesters to come!

Bob’s Your Uncle Punctuation Page Markers – All the best highlighting in the world will not help you if you cannot find the pages you need for class or study group. Use the punctuation on these great markers as a system to help you find what you need for the week!

Quo Vadis Minister Academic Weekly Planner – Trying to keep track of 6 different syllabuses a semester is a difficult task! Compile all important due dates and tests into a planner that you will use frequently, and then pencil in some time for fun!

Pentel Tradio Fountain Pen – Fountain pens write with less effort than most ballpoint pens so they are especially awesome for marathon note taking. Also, they can be refilled with your favorite ink colors to make studying slightly more fun. The Tradio Fountain Pen is sleek, stylish, and affordable– just don’t let anyone borrow it (unless you’re trying to make a good impression 🙂

Please share your tips for focused, efficient studying and help all our students out 🙂 Happy New School Year!


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