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Back to School


To me August means one last summer trip, new clothes, and of course new school supplies! As a student I know that having the right tools can help you be more successful in school, and as a future teacher I think that the right tools can help immensely in the classroom. In light of my love for school and school supplies I thought I would share some recommendations for the upcoming school year. (Pictures of my recommendations are in the mosaic above).

*Clairefontaine Wirebound Notebook- Large: Writing on this paper makes notetaking totally effortless. I would especially recommend this to college students who are planning to keep and use their notes even after the class is finished.

*Clairefontaine Staple-Bound Notebook- Medium: This notebook is great for any type of science or writing journal  that has to be turned in on a regular basis. The sturdy staple binding ensures that pages won’t fall out (like in glue-bound composition notebooks). Teachers will love them because they stack neatly, and won’t lean and topple over (which is what happens with 30 spiral-bound notebooks).

*Have a planner! Life is easier when you can remember what is going on. I like the Wish Making Diary because it’s fun and I can write whatever/however I want. For something a little more structured I would recommend the Quo Vadis University Academic Agenda, I especially like the hour-by-hour planner for each day.

*Love Pet Pens– I love these little gel pens. They write better than regular black/blue/red ink pens, and they’re square so they fit better between my fingers.

*I spend an incredible amount of time highlighting, and I hate having alternating thin and thick highlighting lines. I like the Staedtler Triplus Textsurfer because no matter how you pick up the highlighter the size of the line is the same. I also like that the colors highlight without being blindingly bright.

*I really like the idea of having a set of Red Rabbit pencils in a primary (K-2) classroom and using them as prizes or maybe as a "special tool" for when the kids need to practice their neatest handwriting.

*With the Staedtler Non-photo pencil teachers can mark up worksheets with notes and plans and use the same master sheet to make clean student copies!

*And finally… Yes, once again, I HIGHLY recommend the Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen. Taking notes with this pen requires a lot less effort (way fewer hand cramps!) and it forces you to write with better penmanship. The tiny extra bit of concentration might help you stay awake during the most torturous lectures, and you will be able to read your notes come finals week. Plus, being able to refill the pen with any color brings doodling to a whole different level. I suggest teachers try grading with a fountain pen; you will feel the difference after a dozen papers.

So that’s the list. Hopefully you will find some of these suggestions useful as parents, students, and teachers. And if you know someone that could use a little motivation during this bittersweet season, the gift of a nice pen or notebook might be the ticket.

Please tell me what you like to keep in your desk, backpack, or classroom.

Have a great 2008-2009 school year!

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