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What can you do with extra new or used notebooks, paper, pens and stationery? – Writer's Bloc Blog

What can you do with extra new or used notebooks, paper, pens and stationery?

If you’re like me and you enjoy notebooks, pens and other kinds of stationery, no doubt you have some extra supplies laying around your house. You know what I mean, the notebook or pen that seemed like a good idea at the time of purchase, but just didn’t work out as you expected it to because it was too big or too small or too whatever. Or maybe you just didn’t get around to using it for some reason. By now you’ve lost the receipt or it’s too expensive to return it by mail or it’s too late to return it. Sometimes these extra supplies are gently used, for example I’ll have a notebook that just sits around forever with only a page or two that have been written on. If you don’t want these supplies to clutter up your living space forever, what can you do with them?

1) The first thing I think of is kids. Most kids love to draw, doodle or write with just about anything you give them. They often don’t care if you’ve already used that pen for a week, or if a few pages have writing on them. Even if it’s an inexpensive fountain pen that’s laying around gathering dust, think about introducing a child of an appropriate age to the world of writing with fountain pens. Chances are they won’t get that opportunity at school. Children love to express their creativity with paper and writing instruments so why not find one to donate your extra supplies to.

2) Schools everywhere seem to be suffering from a lack of funding these days and many teachers would be thrilled to get their hands on donated items such as paper, notebooks, pencils, pens, and other office or art supplies. Many of these things don’t even have to be brand new to be appreciated by a needy classroom. If you’re wondering how to donate you can call a local school or Google “donate school supplies” for suggestions.

3) Friends. I usually get an eager, positive response when I offer extra notebooks or pens to my friends. After all, they like to try out new things too. I’ll usually tell them if I’ve ripped out a page or two from a notebook or used a pen for a few days, but they don’t seem to mind at all.

4) Be creative yourself and start a new project. Why not do a drawing a day for a month? Or a year? Perhaps spend a few minutes each day and jot down positive thoughts in a journal or notebook to help you to develop a more positive outlook on life? Sure, these projects won’t use up a large stash, but they can help with the odds and ends.

5) You could donate your extra supplies to a charity to help people in need. I’ve heard of food banks delivering school supplies along with food to needy families. Or there are many second-hand stores around that accept donations that benefit a cause.

What do you do with your extra or unwanted notebooks, paper and writing supplies? Do you have any ideas for interesting projects? How about a Mercedes car covered in pens? Any other ways you can think of to benefit others?


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3 Replies to “What can you do with extra new or used notebooks, paper, pens and stationery?”

  1. Yep. My kids have gone through tons of notebooks. And, anytime they have some at Target in the dollar bin, be it small Snoopy or superhero notebooks, I get them some. They draw and write all the time!!

  2. Kids for me too. My niece is almost 7 and my nephew is 8. they are so creative and I try my best to fuel their passion for drawing and writing, because their parents don’t seem too. Took them some notebooks and slightly used pens this past weekend and they spent so much time writing and drawing. The next generation of Writer’s Bloc fans are coming along;)

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