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Kelly’s Wish List – Writer's Bloc Blog

Kelly’s Wish List

Though I am surrounded by hundreds of pens, pencils, and notebooks everyday I cannot possibly (okay, practically) own all of the products that I would like. Here is my wish list of things I would love to call my own. What’s on your wish list?

Purple LAMY Al-Star Pen

It was a rare case of love at first sight when I saw the new Purple LAMY Al-Star Pen. That might sound a little extreme, but this shade of deep wine purple is my absolute favorite color and I have been wanting to get a new fountain pen to plan lessons and grade papers when I start student teaching next year.

Pentel Slicci – Set of 8

The Pentel Slicci gel pen has quickly become my favorite everyday pen. It’s especially good for jotting down notes in the margins of books and articles since it has such a fine tip. I would love to have this colorful set to start my quest of owning all the colors!

Robert Le Heros Journal

I have always admired the size and feel of the Robert Le Heros journals, and the cover design is so pretty! I am coming to the end of my current Clairefontaine journal, maybe this one will be next!


The best part of this game is that in the heat of serious bean negotiations true personalities come out, and they are often surprising and hilarious. Since so many of my friends own this game I haven’t picked it up for myself, but when I move away I will definitely have to buy it and take it with me.

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