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Lime Green Fountain Pen Ink Recipe – Writer's Bloc Blog

Lime Green Fountain Pen Ink Recipe

One of my favorite custom-mixed fountain pen ink colors is lime green. It’s a happy, energizing color that makes me think of the first buds of spring. I like using 5 parts Noodler’s Yellow Ink with 1 part Noodler’s Navajo Turquoise to create the lime green fountain pen ink shown in this picture. It’s a nice bright green, yet it is dark enough to use on a regular basis in my fountain pens. This sketch is made in an Exacompta silver edged sketchbook which contains some of my favorite paper for use with a fountain pen. I used my Pelikan Pelikano fountain pen with a left-handed nib as well as a fountain pen from Japan with a very fine nib. For my extra fine point fountain pens I like to use a tiny little bit extra Navajo Turquoise in the mix.

A similar lime green ink color can be made using the same proportions of ink and J. Herbin Bouton D’or and J. Herbin Bleu Pervenche. If you prefer using cartridges or you don’t like ink mixing, J. Herbin Vert Pré is a light lime green color available in both standard universal cartridges and bottles. I find that Vert Pré ink looks best when used with a medium or broad nib.

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