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Noodler’s Ink: Same Great Fountain Pen Ink, Different Bottle – Writer's Bloc Blog

Noodler’s Ink: Same Great Fountain Pen Ink, Different Bottle

Noodler's Ink 3 oz Glass Bottles
Noodler’s Ink 3 oz Glass Bottles

January 2016 Update: Noodler’s Ink glass bottles will be back soon. Once the plastic bottles are all used up the glass bottles will return. Great news!

Noodler’s Ink has just started to use a new container for some of their fountain pen inks. Instead of a square clear 3 oz glass bottle, new batches of ink will be contained in a round white plastic bottle that holds slightly more ink. Why the change?

For now, glass bottle manufacturers have discontinued producing the traditional 3 oz glass bottle. Noodler’s Ink was given the choice to switch to a smaller size of glass bottle and to raise their prices, but instead they have chosen to use a plastic bottle. It is unknown as to how long the plastic bottle will be used. They are hoping to switch back to the 3 oz glass bottles in the future. The glass bottles used for the 4.5 oz and 1 oz sizes of ink will remain unchanged.

We agree with Noodler’s Ink that what is contained in the bottles is more important than the bottle itself, and we trust that they will continue to provide us with a wide variety of fantastic fountain pen inks! If you’d like to hear the story in more detail, you can watch Nathan’s 10 minute video below about the new bottles.

If you’re a fan of the glass bottles and you find that your new Noodler’s Ink is now inside a plastic bottle, remember the pros of their decision:

  • There is no price increase
  • Reduced risk of breaking a plastic bottle
  • Slightly more ink is inside the new bottle
  • Reduced weight
  • UV light resistant bottle


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2 Replies to “Noodler’s Ink: Same Great Fountain Pen Ink, Different Bottle”

  1. I am just getting into fountain pens and ink but I watched the video and it made me want to use noodlers! What an awesome operating philosophy, I bought 6 new bottles in support:)

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