Noodler’s Regular Black Ink

Noodler’s Ink has created a huge selection of affordable fountain pen ink in a wide variety of colors and with a variety of different characteristics. Their ink is made in the USA and is well-known for its quirky bottle labels depicting catfish, dragons, a Russian ruler, a famous scientist, white whales and more. I made my first purchase of Noodler’s Ink based entirely on its color – it was Nightshade which is a very dark purplish-brown color. If you’re thinking of trying out some Noodler’s Ink for the first time you may wonder where should you start?

Bullet-Proof Black is an extremely popular Noodler’s Ink that is used daily by many writers. It is a conservative color that is appropriate for the office, and its characteristics make it very versatile and useful for many situations. It is formulated to be what Noodler’s calls “bullet-proof”, which means it has qualities that make it impervious to water, bleach and light. When it is mixed with other inks it looses these qualities, so it is best used straight from the bottle.

Once this ink is permitted to dry upon cellulose paper it is pretty much waterproof. People here in Portland, Oregon like it because if you live here you can’t escape the rain. Even if you don’t live here, when you address an envelope to your friend in Portland, Oregon it had better be written in Noodler’s bullet-proof ink or it may never make it! Some artists use this ink along with watercolor paints. Depending on how long the ink has been allowed to dry, a slight bit of black may migrate into the watercolors. While this is not desirable to some artists, others really like the effect it creates.

Noodler’s Bullet-Proof Black is a saturated dark black color that is formulated to be resistant to feathering even on low-quality paper. It is pH neutral and safe for just about any fountain pen. If you try this ink and really like it, you can also buy it in large 4.5oz bottles. Do you use Noodler’s Bullet-Proof Black ink?


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