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Orange Deer – Writer's Bloc Blog

Orange Deer


Here’s another sketch from my fountain pen drawing project. This color of orange ink is a very simple recipe created by using 2 parts Noodler’s Yellow and 1 part Noodler’s Shah’s Rose. The ink flow made drawing easy using a Preppy Fountain Pen and a Clairefontaine Drawing Pad.

When I went to Neskowin, Oregon last August, I woke up to find this deer outside my bedroom window. She was just sitting in the yard chewing away with a fawn nearby. Definitely one of the highlights of a relaxing weekend at the rugged and beautiful Oregon coast.

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2 Replies to “Orange Deer”

  1. Absolutely gorgeous! Both in drawing skill, and in color… I am a Orange nut, so my next order of ink shall deffinetally include those two, to try this color!

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