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Why Try an Ink Starter Kit? – Writer's Bloc Blog

Why Try an Ink Starter Kit?


The Noodler’s Ink Starter Kit found at Writer’s Bloc is designed with new fountain pen users in mind. If you’ve never tried mixing fountain pen inks to create your own custom colors this kit is a good way to give it a try. Instead of spending the money to buy four full size bottles of ink to try mixing colors, you get the convenience of four half-ounce samples which is enough to fill your converter many times with many colors. Sometimes people try ink mixing and feel that it is just too messy, too difficult or too inconvenient, so they decide they would rather just buy the ink color they want already made. If this is the conclusion you come to, it’s no problem because Noodler’s Ink provides a wide array of colors to choose from.

Once you’ve tried out a few different ink colors and decide that this is something you might become addicted to, you can expand your ink collection according to your color preferences. I have discovered that I like bright green and orange inks, so I use a lot of the color yellow. The bright green ink recipe that I’m currently using is 5 parts yellow and only 1 part Navajoe Turquoise, so the half-ounce of turquoise ink that the kit contains will go a long way. After using the ink starter kit I’ve decided that yellow is the next full size bottle of ink I will buy.  If you prefer shades of blue, then Navajoe Turquoise would be a logical choice for a full size ink bottle purchase since this will be the color you will likely use the most.

If you’ve never used Noodler’s Ink the Starter Kit is a nice introduction to this popular brand of American made ink that comes in many different varieties. Most of their ink is pH neutral and safe for all fountain pens. Other Noodler’s inks are styled after vintage fountain pen inks and some are even made to resist freezing in cold climates. If you’re looking for "bullet-proof" ink that is impervious to water, bleach and light they have that too. Why not give Noodler’s a try if you haven’t tried it already!

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