A Spring Cleaning Find

As I was doing some spring cleaning and purging some of my old tax records I happened to find a 1998 Exacompta Space weekly pocket planner. I have no idea where this came from since at the time I didn’t think much about fountain pens and had no idea what Exacompta or Clairefontaine was. I think this must have been a gift from the generous employer with good taste I had at the time.

I used the Exacompta Space planner (equivalent to today’s Space 17 planner) to keep track of my tax deductible mileage since it was the perfect size to tuck in the pocket on my car door. It is interesting to note that some of the other vinyl/plastic planners I had used around the same time for the same purpose have become brittle and are cracked and falling apart. But not the Space planner. Its black cover looks like new (minus a couple of mystery stains) and is still soft and flexible! It’s nice to know that these covers are durable enough to be used year after year when you buy the refills. It is a good value and is easier on the environment than cheap plastic covered planners that don’t last.

I tested the Space planner’s paper with my fountain pens to see if the paper quality had changed, and found that it took fountain pen ink very well with only a little bleed through and no feathering. Since this paper is a light weight 55g the ink does show through on the other side of the page, but this paper also makes this planner very compact. This paper would best be used with any kind of pen with an extra fine nib. The same delightfully smooth ivory colored paper appears to be used in Exacompta pocket planners today.

It’s nice to know that Exacompta and Quo Vadis planners were, and still are, very good quality and stand up to the test of time!

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