Behance Action Journal & Dot Grid Journal

Behance’s new Action Journal and Dot Grid Journal are good choices for those concerned about the environment. Behance and New Leaf Paper collaborated to design these journals which not only inspire creativity and promote organization, they are also environmentally friendly.

For those of you that haven’t heard of New Leaf Paper, their mission is to be the leading national source for environmentally responsible, economically sound paper. The paper they provide for the Action Journal and Dot Grid Journal is 100% recycled and the materials used to create each notebook are cleaned up, de-inked and bleached with hydrogen peroxide instead of chlorine. This paper is manufactured with electricity that is offset with Green-e® certified renewable energy certificates.

Behance is well known for pioneering the Action Method, a radical approach to productivity and project management. This method is demonstrated in the Action Journal. The front of each page is divided into 3 zones: one for capturing Action Steps, another for “backburner” ideas that may someday become actions, and a light grey dot grid matrix that provides a subtle guide for your handwriting and sketching. Behance has several Action Method products available in paper, online and iPhone formats to suit the needs of a variety of people.

So what are some of the features of Behance’s new Action Journal and Dot Grid Journal?

Each of these journals has a black suede-to-the-touch hard cover that is created using 100% sustainable materials and is blind-embossed with the title on the front cover…

..and blind-embossed with a small “Behance” and “New Leaf” on the bottom of the back cover.

The cover is held securely closed with a colorful elastic that matches the endsheets on the inside. Inside the back cover is a roomy pocket to hold notes, receipts, etc. Their size is an easy to carry 6” x 8”.

These journals have a stitched binding that allows them to nicely lay flat when open. Since each page is perforated about 1/4” from the margin, it is also easy to remove pages when necessary. The journals have one black ribbon marker to so that you can find your place.

The Dot Grid Journal and Action Journal both have 200 pages of 60 lb New Leaf paper that has a subtle texture to it. I personally think that this subtle texture makes this paper ideal for rollerball pens. The paper is off-white with a nice light grey dot grid pattern on it that is not too obtrusive when writing or drawing. The dots go right to the edge of the pages.

The paper is compatible with a number of writing instruments as shown by these samples:

The paper performed reasonably well with fountain pens, however there was some ink bleed-through and see-through depending on which ink and fountain pen I used. It seems best suited for fountain pens that don’t write too wet and ink that is not super saturated. I did not notice any feathering with the inks that I used.

As a bonus, these journals include two sheets of Action Stickers useful to capture Action Steps and a pamphlet on how to practice the Action Method. If you got a package of Action Stickers, you could transform pages in your Dot Grid Journal into pages like the ones from the Action Journal.

Do you have any secrets on how to use these types of office products to keep your life organized and productive? If so, please share your tips!

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4 Replies to “Behance Action Journal & Dot Grid Journal”

  1. Great review. As a fountain pen user, it is disappointing to see the bleed-through but I do like everything else about these journals. The colored elastic really sets them apart and is a nice touch.

  2. Inkophile –
    This probably isn’t the journal for anyone that uses a fountain pen and wants to write on both sides of the page. However, it did better than I expected for a recycled paper. It has so many great features it’ll be perfect for our readers that use rollerball, gel and ballpoint pens!

  3. I’ve been using these with a set of antique flex nibs, with a range of inks. In most cases, there is little observed bleeding, and the paper is most definitely usable for fountain pen use on both sides – especially if you use a fine nib.
    Of all the pen types I’ve tried, this notebook performs best with felt-tips, esp. those using india / archival ink (e.g the Sakura Micron).

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