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Behance Action Runner

Behance Action Runner

This week I ran around with the Behance Action Runner in my purse. I used it to jot down ideas for art in the classroom, make a list of things I needed to do before I left for the beach, and then to organize my day of school. If the dot-grid in the back was fun and helpful for me, think of how useful this would be for somebody who is design oriented!

The lines are a good size because I can write one BIG thing to remember to do, or I can write smaller and jot down full ideas. I wrote small for the art project ideas and I sketched examples on the dot-grid in the back. It was better than blank paper because I could easily plan paper size and orientation.

The Behance Action Runner is like the PDA of the pen and paper world. It kept my goals clearly in mind and helped me to continue to accomplish them. Take a look at my action steps for one busy day in the picture below. I would highly recommend reading more about how the Action Method used in Behance Action Notebooks can simplify your project management and life!

My Action Runner
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