Bob’s Your Uncle Do-Doodle Planner Journal Review

Bob’s Your Uncle is a Boston-based company run by a graphic designer and a former-shoes designer. Their creativity combined with a dash of humor and practicality creates products that are fun and functional.

The Do-Doodle Planner Journal has an undated format which means that you can begin using it at any time during any year and not lose any of its functionality. It can be neglected for a time and then you can pick up and begin planning right where you left off. It has 52 weekly planning pages on the left and a dot grid page for notes and doodles on the right. The planning pages include Monday through Sunday with an additional “Someday” column for writing future goals and plans. Each day of the week has space for writing the actual date, plus 12 time slots broken down into a.m., p.m. and evening. The weekdays and someday are printed in different colors to help you distinguish each day as well as for a bit of fun.

The semi-flexible hard cover is sturdy and made from laminated board with narrow multi-color stripes inside and outside. There is no title, but the back cover has a small Bob’s Your Uncle circular logo and some company information. It has a double wire spiral binding to help eliminate snags. The paper size is 7” x 9 1/2”, if you add in the spiral then the size of the planner is approximately 7 1/2” x 9 1/2”.

The heavy weight paper inside the Do-Doodle Planner is ivory color, with the days of the week printed in various colors and the dot grid pages are printed with subtle olive green dots. My favorite thing about the dot grid pages is that the grid pattern is approximately 1/4” x 1/4”. This is much more comfortable for my handwriting than the usual 5mm x 5mm grid pattern found in most dot grid notebooks. Bob’s Your Uncle also makes the Pretty Vacant Notebook, a dot grid notebook with a 5mm x 5mm pale olive green dot grid pattern.

How does this paper hold up to fountain pen ink? Pretty well I’m happy to report! Feathering is almost non-existent, see through is minimal, and there was only a little bit of bleed through. I could use both sides of the page. Not perfection, but overall it performs very well.

What do you think of undated planners? Have you had the opportunity to use Bob’s Your Uncle notebooks, planners or notepads?

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2 Replies to “Bob’s Your Uncle Do-Doodle Planner Journal Review”

  1. This planner seems like it would be PERFECT for me, but I can’t seem to find this planner anywhere. I would like to purchase it…has it been discontinued?

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