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Why Use a Paper Appointment Book or Planner? – Writer's Bloc Blog

Why Use a Paper Appointment Book or Planner?

Exacompta Space 17 Pocket Size Weekly Planner
Exacompta Space 17 Pocket Size Weekly Planner

In the age of smart phones and digital calendars, why on earth would anyone want to continue using a paper planner to schedule appointments? I personally have both a digital and a paper calendar because I find that each one has a particular role to help keep my life organized. Here are some of my favorite reasons to use an old-fashioned paper appointment book to keep track of my schedule:

1. The act of writing by hand is a memory aid. When I pick up a pen and write down events in my schedule I am much more likely to remember these events without looking at any calendar – whether it’s paper or digital!

2. You can use your beloved fountain pens to write in your planner. Yes, you know who you are. If you’re like me, writing with a fountain pen is a satisfying, calming experience. (Check out our list of Fountain Pen Friendly Planners if this applies to you.)

Quo Vadis Minister Weekly Planner
Quo Vadis Minister Weekly Planner

3. It slows you down and helps you to focus. There are no notifications, videos, ads, texts, etc to get in the way of your thoughts as you put your pen to paper. Distractions can cause me to schedule things poorly but a paper organizer eliminates digital “clutter” as I plan out my weeks.

4. A paper planner can also become a memory book. I seldom look back through my digital records to reminisce, but a paper diary or record of my past events has a much more personal feeling to it.

5. It encourages creativity and is fun to personalize. I really enjoy using a different style and type of planner each year. Some planners I’ve used are very traditional and business-like, other years I’ll choose something pocket-size or a planner with eye-catching artwork. Inside I like to mix it up with a variety of ink colors and a some doodles. Some people go all-out and completely decorate their planners with stickers and memorabilia. Emotions can also be expressed with the fonts and style of handing writing that you use.

Exacompta Journal 21 Daily Desk Diary
Exacompta Journal 21 Daily Desk Diary

6. Handwriting is also good exercise for the brain and we all need more of that, right?

7. Writing in a planner or diary is an opportunity to help keep your penmanship in tip-top shape.

8. Maybe it’s just me – I really prefer the “week at a glance” or “month at a glance” view in a paper planner over a digital planner, especially for the non-work related events in my personal life.

Do you use a paper appointment book? Why do you enjoy recording upcoming events using pen & paper? Planners for 2016 are now in stock at Writer’s Bloc.

Quo Vadis Notor or Textagenda Daily Diaries
Quo Vadis Notor or Textagenda Daily Desk Diaries
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2 Replies to “Why Use a Paper Appointment Book or Planner?”

  1. I too love the process of writing, a great pen is a MUST have. I once went room by room, office to office, looking on every desk to find my favorite pen before (BTW its a crystal filled pen from Swarzsky) I would not even address an envelope before I found it I can be a BIT obsessive. (;

    Thanks for the article glad to know I not the only one with my day timer.

  2. I too love hand writing in a planner but also utilize a digital calendar (everyone in the family uses Google calendar share, it helps all of us see what the other has going on). I also have a steno book where I can write more detailed notes regarding projects, tasks and appointments. I am picky about my writing instrument also. As I continue to age, I find writing helps keep me focused, tunes my memorizing skills, and allows for creativity. I tell my kids they need to put down the technology and pick up a pen, it’s great therapy!!!

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