Best Writing Instruments to Use With Moleskine Paper

Moleskine is an Italian company known all over the world for their Parisian-style black notebooks and other products related to writing and travel. The paper most commonly used in these notebooks is acid-free and it is ivory in color. How does their regular notebook paper hold up to a variety of writing instruments? Check out our simple writing test below:

Moleskine Paper Writing Test - front
Moleskine Paper Writing Test – front

From my own personal experience, I found the paper to be pleasantly smooth to write with, and in my experiment ink did not feather very much on the paper. I really liked how this paper made the color of my ink pop. Most writing instruments including pencils wrote perfectly fine on this paper. What about fountain pens? Well, the results were not as good. Most of the fountain pen ink bled through to the other side of the page which made using both sides of the page not very practical. There was one exception – Noodler’s Black fountain pen ink. Paired with my fine nib Pilot Prera fountain pen Noodler’s Black fountain pen the ink did not feather or bleed through to the other side of the page.

Moleskine Paper Writing Test - back
Moleskine Paper Writing Test – back

This is a scan the back side of the page we used for this test. The top half of the page shows the fountain pen ink bleeding through the paper. The bottom half of the page shows that other writing instruments (minus the Sharpie) do not have the same problem.

Our conclusion? If you’re using Moleskine notebooks, stick to writing with a ballpoint,┬árollerball, gel pen or pencil which is what the vast majority of you already use. Fountain pen users proceed with caution. You might want to give Noodler’s Black fountain pen ink a try.

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