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Clairefontaine DCP Digital Color Printing Paper and Fountain Pens – Writer's Bloc Blog

Clairefontaine DCP Digital Color Printing Paper and Fountain Pens

Clairefontaine DCP Digital Color Printing Paper is made especially for printing or copying documents containing color images and makes it possible to obtain great color prints without using expensive glossy photo paper. How does it work when it is paired with fountain pens?

We have been using this paper a lot recently for making some fountain pen ink samples and wanted to share the results. In general, this paper works great with fountain pens, and as is typical of Clairefontaine paper, has little to no feathering, bleed through or show through of fountain pen ink. It would be great for use in a personal book binding project if you want to end up with a book that is fountain pen friendly.

This paper probably has a special coating on it that makes it especially good for color printing. When we used a cotton swab to put a heavy application of ink on the paper, every once in awhile this coating produced some interesting results with a few very specific kinds/colors of ink. At times there were a few tiny spots that seemed to repel the fountain pen ink slightly, resulting in some random small spots where the ink appeared to be a lighter color. Other times, the wide swab of ink on the page would not stay evenly distributed, with ink pooling up in some areas. In the past we experienced similar results with other high quality laser/ink jet printer paper and fountain pen ink. While these things did not happen very often, this paper may not be the best choice if you are planning to use a watercolor or ink wash on the paper. When we wrote with fountain pens we did not notice these problems at all.

Here are some writing samples showing both the front and back of the page:

Clairefontaine DCP Digital Color Printing Paper is available in the USA in packages of 100 sheets of A4 size white, 100g (27lb), acid-free, archival quality paper. Have you used this paper for any writing or book binding projects? What is your experience using it with fountain pens?

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