Don’t Be List-Less!

Do you keep lists? To-do lists, shopping lists, goals, action plans, appointments, what else do you keep lists of? Even though I have an iPhone and a lap top computer I still like to have my lists on paper. I find that the act of writing my thoughts down on paper helps me to remember things and to reorganize.

Daily to-do lists are really helpful if you’re busy like me. I like to write all of the most important to-do items at the top of my list, and write the less important tasks at the bottom. If I happen to be driving around that day I group my to-do items by location to make the most of my time and travel expenses. One of the most satisfying things about having a paper list is crossing the tasks off as they are completed! The next day I carry over any unfinished tasks to my new list.

A suggestion I recently heard but have yet to try is writing each of your to-do items on separate index cards. Then divide your index cards into two groups – the first group is for tasks you would like to get done today, the second group is for things to do tomorrow. When tomorrow comes, reorganize your index cards into the same two groups and repeat. Exacompta Index Cards would be great for this purpose since they are so wonderful to use with fountain pens. They also have a grid pattern on them so that any edge of the card can be the top.

One trick to making paper lists work is remembering to bring them with you! I often tape these lists to the door I go through when I leave in the morning so I’m sure not to forget them. Now, Bob’s Your Uncle has made this even simpler with their Handy Handle Pad. No more tape is required since this notepad hangs right on the door handle. If you’re the type that has a pretty extensive daily to-do list Bob’s Your Uncle also makes the No Tomorrow Planner Pad with generous space for appointments and other lists. Just tear off the page and go! If you like to make lists of pros and cons when making decisions there’s even a list pad for that, the Yeah…But List Pad has two columns especially for this purpose.

There are many shapes, sizes and styles of list pads to choose from. Behance, known for its Action Method product line, has a couple of pocket size options to help increase your productivity – the Action Runner and Action Cards. Padblocks makes magnetic list pads with birds or dogs as well as list pads decorated with cats and flowers. Rhodia has list pads in orange and black, and we even have a Googims Time is Money checklist. What’s your favorite list pad and what do you use it for?

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2 Replies to “Don’t Be List-Less!”

  1. I had no idea that their could be so many types of designs for daily to-do lists. I constantly use post-its but they are too small for all of the different things I need to remember, since I am a forgetful person. Ill make sure to buy one of these in the future and make my life easier. Thanks for the post!

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