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Mouse Pad Notepads

If you’re like me, your office area looks like it’s been attacked by sticky notes riddled with reminders, things to do, things not to do, phone numbers, and appointments. More often than not these sticky notes lose their “stickiness” and end up on the floor or behind the desk. Thankfully I’ve found a great way to eliminate the problem of rouge sticky notes – multi-functioning mouse pads! Mouse pads that also serve as notepads are great organizing tools that hold all your notes, reminders, contacts, and appointments in one place. Think about it this way, the area around your mouse is usually clear and maybe the one clutter free area on your desk. Mouse pads that also serve as notepads eliminate the problem of searching for a clean sticky note or piece of scrap paper. Your mouse pad/notepad is easily accessible and will never mysteriously lose itself behind your desk.

The Rhodia Mouse Pad is complete with 30 sheets of 80g graph paper and has a nonskid backing. The nonskid backing helps keep the pad in place as you use your mouse or write a note. The extremely smooth paper provides a great surface for your mouse and for your pen, pencil or fountain pen! The pad is held together on the bottom and left edge which prevents the paper from scrunching as you move your mouse.

The Bob’s Your Uncle Swiss mouse pad/notepad is a playful mouse pad resembling Swiss cheese. Their Surf mouse pad/notepad has the word "Surf" emblazoned boldly across the top in a font resembling something you might see in a Hawaiian surf shop. These mouse pads include 50 sheets of sturdy paper attained from responsibly managed forests.

The Bob’s Your Uncle 8-Days-A-Week mouse pad/notepad is the ultimate organizing tool. This notepad allows you to plan each day of the week. Each day is broken up by a.m., p.m. and evening. Quickly jot down appointments, soccer practices, due dates, and events and have them at hand at all times. The 8-Days-A-Week mouse pad includes spaces for Monday thru Sunday and another for “Someday.” Includes 52 sheets of paper, one for each week of the year.

How do you use your mouse pad/notepad?

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