Writersblok Woodpecker Notebook Review

(Woodpecker Notebook – White Oak cover)

How often in our daily lives do we write on a piece of paper without stopping to think of the many trees that the paper came from? I admit I do this all the time. Woodpecker Notebooks designed by Tale and brought to us by Writersblok, provide a striking visual connection between the paper notebook and the majestic trees that made its existence possible. Tale’s desire was to show appreciation for what trees have done for us and to reflect the beauty of nature by incorporating the features of an actual tree into the design of the notebook.

(Actual oak tree – photo courtesy of Tale)

(Front cover scan of the White Oak notebook)

The first thing I noticed about the Woodpecker notebook is the realistic cover design that looks like the bark of one of five different species of trees: White Oak, Pine Tree, Ginkgo, Platanus and White Birch. The cover material is a coated heavy stock that is flexible and is embossed with the texture of tree bark, giving it a smooth, yet textured feel. The actual bark design is very realistic and incorporates small details such as moss, cracks, crevices and tiny bits of peeling bark. The inside of the cover is a light beige color that clearly shows the embossing and has a subtle white woodpecker logo inside the front and a tiny bit of white print inside the back.

(Even though this notebook is still in the shrink wrap you can see the embossed bark texture on the cover – photo courtesy of Tale)

The paper inside the Woodpecker notebook looks like freshly cut wood with a subtle wood grain and a few knots scattered here and there. It is a cream, or a very pale brown color, and if the paper is lined, the lines are also a matching brown color. The paper is tree-friendly as it is made from FSC certificated woods and 30% recycled paper pulp. I could not find any information on what weight this paper is, I would guess somewhere around 80gsm. The notebook is thread bound to prevent the 96 pages from falling out. Once you break in the larger notebook it lays flat pretty well. I haven’t tested the small notebook yet to see if it does the same. Writersblok has both lined and unlined versions of this notebook and has 2 sizes available: 6" x 8.25” and also 3.5" x 5.5”.

(Paper inside the lined Woodpecker notebook – photo courtesy of Tale)

I found that the Woodpecker paper works well with some fountain pens and some inks, but not with all fountain pens and inks. A couple of the inks feathered a tiny little bit and those same inks bled through the paper a bit too. It could be that the ink flow was more generous with those particular fountain pens. It generally seems to work well with both rollerball and gel pens. Take a look at the writing sample below and see for yourself.

Writersblok gives back to the community – 2% of sales from Writersblok goes to literacy programs around the USA. One of the places they support is 826NYC in New York City, a non-profit organization helping students ages 6-18 with creative and expository writing skills and helping teachers inspire their students to write.

(White Oak, Pine Tree, Ginkgo, Platanus and White Birch – photo courtesy of Tale)

(Writing test – front)

(Writing test – back)


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  1. These notebooks are gorgeous! I love trees, so having a tree-themed notebook to write in would be fun. The wood grain pattern on the interior pages also adds a nice touch.

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