Use Your Planner to Create More Time

At the end of the day do you ever wonder where the time went and wish you could have more time? Maybe you need to pay more attention to where your time is going. I heard an interesting suggestion that might help. Much as a dieter might have a food journal to keep track of the calories they eat each day, almost anyone could keep a time log for a few weeks to see where their time is going. A planner would be a handy tool to do this with.

Examining your time log may bring to light some areas for improvement. Are nonessential activities such as watching TV and surfing the internet sucking up too much of your time? Perhaps you could reduce or eliminate things that waste your time and focus your energy on things that are more essential.

Do you find that you are being interrupted repeatedly at a certain time of the day or by the same individuals? Perhaps you could schedule time when you avoid taking phone calls, sending texts, receiving and sending email, etc. Even choosing to do some work in a different location during these times when you often get interrupted may help.

Of course we all need a break and have some down time too. Not scheduling more activity than is possible during your day and keeping a time log may help you get the important things out of the way so that you can enjoy your time for rest & relaxation more fully.

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