Undated Planners featuring Choo Choo Diary Season V

Undated planners offer flexibility and features for a variety of planning needs. Need to begin your schedule of plans in a month other than January? Lost your planner in the middle of the year? Need to keep a schedule only intermittently? Are you a student? Love to doodle? Want to write in a super cute diary? An undated planner might be just what you need!

Jetoy Design and 7321 Story both make adorable storybook-like undated planners with a similar general format. Besides the yearly, monthly and weekly plans that the Choo Choo Diary and Le Petit Prince Planner include, Alice’s Diary also includes a page for each daily plan. This post will focus on Jetoy’s Choo Choo Diary Season V since I am partial to the over-the-top cuteness of Choo Choo Cat and friends. The plethora of illustrations ranges from storybook to ridiculous to whimsical and they are sure to bring a smile to each day.

The Choo Choo undated planner starts out with a 2-page yearly plan from January through December with a small space for 31 days each month. It is designed to give you a general yearly overview of your future plans.

A couple of illustrated pages separates each month from another. There is no specific purpose for these pages other than to look cute and perhaps to help you keep each month separate.

Each month begins with a generic calendar page with 5-weeks of Sunday through Monday. Each day of the monthly calendar has a space in the upper left to write in the date. The upper right corner of these 2 pages has the numbers 1 to 12 where you can circle the number of “this month.”

Following the monthly plan there are 5 weeks of Monday to Sunday plus Memo weekly plans. The date can be written at the top beside each day of the week, and the month number can be circled using the numbers 1 to 12 printed in the upper right corner.

The Choo Choo Diary does not include a specific daily plan, however after the monthly and weekly schedulers it does have 160 wonderfully illustrated cat-themed pages for notes. There are too many different adorable pictures to mention so I’ll just give you four samples below.

This Choo Choo Diary includes a decorated 9.5” x 19.5” yearly planner poster that you could hang on the wall above your desk and numbered stickers that you can use as tabs in your planner where ever you choose. There is a page for personal information in the very back and the pink and gray endsheets are decorated with various fun loving cats.

There is no specific information on the paper inside this diary. I would venture to guess that it has a weight of maybe 80 or 90g. Ballpoint or gel pens would be ideal for use with the Choo Choo Diary. The binding is stitched to keep the pages from falling out and you can bend the flexible spine backwards to keep the planner open to a certain page. The cover is semi-flexible and has a clear plastic slip cover with a pen loop that can accommodate a decently sized pen.

Have you had the occasion to use an undated planner? What type of undated planner is your favorite? If you’d like to try one check out the undated planners over at Writer’s Bloc.

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