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STAEDTLER Pens Dry-Safe Feature Test

We decided to put STAEDTLER pens DRY-SAFE feature to the test to see whether or not it is really possible to leave pens with this feature sitting uncapped for days at a time without the ink drying up. For this experiment I used two brand new pens – a STAEDTLER triplus fineliner with blue ink and a STAEDTLER triplus gel-liner with purple ink. In order to keep my compulsive re-capping urges in check, I placed both pen caps in a sealed snack bag for the duration of the test. After 29 days both pens still wrote beautifully! You can see the results of the experiment in this scanned image:

Of course, results will probably vary depending on the age and type of STAEDTLER pen as well as the ink color. We’re happy to see that STAEDTLER’s DRY-SAFE feature passed our test with flying colors! What’s your favorite STAEDTLER pen? Do you have any experiences to tell about the DRY-SAFE feature?

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Staedtler Aquarell Pencils & Clairefontaine Sketch Pad

Ever since I heard about Staedtler’s Ergosoft Aquarell Coloured Pencils I have been wanting to give them a try. These pencils have watercolor lead for dry and wet blending, providing a wide range of creative possibilities when coloring, drawing or watercoloring with water and brush. I’m not an artist, but this sounded like fun! Even though Clairefontaine makes watercolor pads, I decided to pair the pencils up with a Clairefontaine Sketch Pad because the paper has a smoother finish. For my first experiment I doodled a picture of my cat, Mulder. Here is what the picture looked like before using a wet paintbrush:

Here is what the picture looked like after using a wet paintbrush:

This was created simply by making a pencil sketch first, and then applying a small wet paintbrush. As soon as the colors got wet they seemed to "melt" and became brighter and more intense. Different color shades could easily be blended. The paper did wrinkle a bit, so the heavier weight watercolor paper might have been better, but I felt the smoother sketch pad paper might be easier for making fine pencil lines. This was a fun project and I’m looking forward to trying some different techniques. Which picture looks better? I’ll let you decide….

If any of you have artwork created by Staedtler Aquarell pencils you would like to share, please email it to us at We’ll share our favorites in a future blog post!


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